Taylor Swift’s group of playful pals may consist of some of Hollywood’s hottest young stars (just take a look at her epic Fourth of July party for a prime example), but not everyone is feeling the vibe and now, Tay’s famous #girlsquad might be falling right apart.

Taylor Swift's girl squad

Undeniably, two of the squad’s most notable members are model Gigi Hadid (who Tay took to wild new heights on her bday) and singer Selena Gomez (the love Tay throws Selena’s way is total #friendgoals, BTW). However, Selena hasn’t been spotted much with the other ladies lately, and that may be because she’s been spending time with new bae, The Weeknd.

If you know your celeb connections, then you’ll know that the “Starboy” singer just broke up with his long-time love, Bella Hadid. Yep, Gigi’s sis.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd

So, to make it clear: One of Tay’s gals is dating another of Tay’s gal’s sister’s ex. (Wait, is that clear at all? *shrug*)

With the sitch between Bella + The Weeknd + Selena apparently on the glacier side of frosty, if loyalties are drawn (i.e. if Gigi sides with her sibling over a fellow squad member), then this could put quite the rift in Taylor’s famous band of babes.

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(h/t Daily Telegraph; photos via Jeff Kravitz + Mike Coppola/Getty)