Sometimes, even the Internet doesn’t have everything you’re looking for. When you get stuck, there’s one thing that can ail that feeling of being lost online: a hilarious, beautiful, or cleverly copywritten 404 page. Here are 30 of our faves from sites we visit on a weekly basis.

To get to most of these 404 pages, you can type the url and add /404 at the end. If that doesn’t work, you can always use /fdsdfhfhdjf. And if you’re looking for even more cool 404 pages, check out 404 Not Found for a collection of good ones from more obscure websites.

1. Mint: Cookies, bottle caps, old shoes, and a Cheeto? We’re sold.

2. Huffington Post: Huffpo rotates between Dawson and Obama. Winning.

3. Path: A blurry Jean Luc Picard meets Path’s iconic sad face. Subtle perfection.

4. Urban: Could this be more Urban Outfitters? Bummer duuuude.

5. Anthropologie: Of course Urban’s older more sophisticated sister chooses Fiddlesticks over BUMMER.

6. Hootsuite: Adore this missing owl on a milk carton. And love the call out to 404 seekers.

7. Swiss-Miss: No surprise that Swiss Miss (aka Tina Roth Eisenberg) has a super clever page.

8. Minted: A misprint! Nothing like a little topical humor.

9. Tastespotting: This image of a cracked egg definitely gives fellow foodies a chuckle.

10. Hasbro: Yes we visit the Hasbro site on a weekly basis, and yes we love Mr. Potato Head.

11. Lego: Speaking of iconic toys from our youth… :)

12. Google: We love when Google gives us a little doodle! 

13. ThinkGeek: Nerd copy alert.

14. Bless This Stuff: Creepy clown alert. Eeek.

15. Fab: This one is just a nice rich image, and suggests you head to Twitter and Facebook.

16. Kickstarter: We like when sites talk to you and make you feel… safe.

17. Technabob: Whoa.

18. Lululemon: This one gives you an inspirational quote and a suggested “404asana.”

19. Techcrunch: Caught with their pants down! Perfect.

20. Weduary: A ring box with a 404 instead of ring? So sad!

21. College Humor: This page doesn’t exist, and neither do wizards, unicorns, leprechauns and dragons. Wait, what?

22. Funny Or Die: Dawson’s at it again. James Van Der Memes to the rescue!

23. NY Daily News: Love this classic newspaper-style cartoon.

24. Klout: When in doubt, puppies are always a good call.

25. Spotwag: Which brings us to Spotwag! Pug not found.

26. Threadflip: Only people in the fashion world can call strangers “darling” and get away with it.

27. Kayak: We think this one’s a little too mean to the site’s programmers. :(

28. Digg: Crisis!

29. StumbleUpon: You can never go wrong with cats, especially ones reading documents.

30. Homestar Runner: Finally, an oldie but a goodie. Did you forget about Homestar? This is a full on animation discussing the 404.

We’ll keep adding new 404 pages to our dedicated pinboard so be sure to leave us a link to any we might be missing in the comments below. And stay tuned for a brand new 404 page for Brit + Co. in the coming weeks. There may be cats, the Fresh Prince, Lisa Frank-style unicorns, and so much more.


31. Github: Too cute for words. (via @luxe)

32. Nosh: Special forces operatives? They take bad links very seriously. (via @rklau)

33. MerryCode: The new (via @jadoon88)

34. Loverly: Don’t be broken-hearted. We’ll try not to be. (via @kellee)

35. Quirky: An 8-bit take on Quirky? We love it. (via @benkaufman)

36. Grand St: Animals being sad? Too sad for words. (via @joelallouz)