In case you haven’t heard of it, teff flour is a whole grain flour that Ethiopians have been using in their kitchens for ages. It’s the smallest grain in the world, and is an incredible source of fiber, protein and calcium. Teff flour has a light flavor that adds a subtle twist to a baked good or dinner dish, and (yay!) it is naturally gluten-free. Switch things up in your kitchen and test out these 10 gluten-free recipes that all call for teff flour.

1. Fudgey Teff Brownies: Since teff flour is such a powerhouse ingredient, these gooey brownies must totally be good for us. (via Strawberries for Supper)

2. Multigrain Rosemary Crackers: If you’re gluten-free, then you know how hard it can be to find a delicious tasting cracker that fits your dietary needs. Now you can make your own! (via Healthful Pursuit)

3. Pumpkin Loaf: Although this loaf looks almost too pretty to touch, we can’t wait to get those pumpkin and pistachio flavors acquainted with our tastebuds. (via Beard + Bonnet)

4. Banana Nut Teff Parfait: If it’s served in a mason jar, food automatically looks cooler and tastes more delicious. We doubt this banana nut concoction needs any help being more delicious, though. (Eating Bird Food)

5. Buckwheat and Teff Pancake Cake: A pancake cake? Score! And this recipe teaches you how to whip up an egg replacer that makes this breakfast dish vegan, too! (via Cloudberries and Spice)

6. Strawberry and Wattleseed Muffins: The combo of fruit and chocolate never disappoints us. Don’t forget to mix up some of that rhubarb juice to wash the baked goodness down. (via Scandi Home)

7. Zucchini Bread: Zucchini bread is one of those things that sounds kind of iffy when you first hear about it. But once you try it, you’ll finally understand what everyone has been raving about. (via Natural Noshing)

8. Sunken Pecan-Streusel Butterscotch Teff Loaf: A moist piece of bread that’s both flavorful and filling makes for the perfect midday snack. (via Kumquat)

9. Pistachio Polenta Cake With Mandarin Syrup: Throw in that superfood teff flour, and this cake is way healthier than the boxed alternative we so often turn to. (via Scandi Home)

10. Spiced Teff and Buckwheat Pancakes: With blood orange and vanilla ricotta, this breakfast might be just as good for dessert. (via He Needs Food)

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