If there ever was an unlikely fashion collaboration, this is it. According to Footwear News, Teva (you know, the no-frills sandals you wear whilst enjoying outdoor adventures) has teamed up with Swarovski (you know, that brand that sells super fancy crystals) to create a DIY kit that allows you create a pair of custom blinged-out shoes.


The unusual collaboration also involves Erica Chan Coffman, the DIY blogger behind the widely popular blog Honestly WTF. Choffman helped Teva create the metallic designs, which are paired with Swarovski crystals. Teva’s marketing manager Lucas Martinez explains, “Teva has been doing DIY (#TevaDIY) activations at a number of events over the last couple years, and we noticed that people were always drawn to the crystals and metallic materials we brought. So when Swarovski approached us about working together, we felt they would be a great partner in our DIY program.”

The sandals, metallic designs and crystals will be sold as a kit in select Nordstrom stores and on Teva’s site starting November 2. November is certainly a peculiar time to buy a pair of sandals, but hey, if you’re pairing Tevas with crystals, you might as well throw socks into the equation too, right?

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(Photo via Teva)