If you’ve been thinking that wearables are low on bling, we’ve got news for you. Misfit has done it again and is adding to their incredible line of wearables a big ol’ jewel that your teen self would have fawned over and your grownup self will be healthier for wearing… and probably fawn over too. Misfit teamed up with Swarovski to create a line they’re calling the Swarovski Shine Collection, sparkling up their wearable technology with the dazzle of those iconic crystals.


Your options are a stackable bracelet, a watch-like wristband or a pendant necklace, and your activity-tracking crystal can be alternated between any of them. All pieces are waterproof, so unlike with regular glam jewelry, you can wear it just about everywhere. All of the power is in the crystal, which can track your sleep, measure your activity and sync with your smartphone. Oh yeah, and as you’ve come to expect from Misfit, you don’t even need to charge it!


When the battery dies on one of these beauties (a couple times a year), you just replace it. But with the violet Swarovski Shine, it may be even less often than that. It can be charged by the sun, LEDs or halogen lights, which means that the more you wear it, the more power it’s getting.


When you tap your super high-tech crystal, you can see the time indicated in LED dots so you don’t have to worry about stacking your wearable with a watch too. If this looks like your perfect way to glam up your wearable collection or like it’s just gorgeous enough to help you take the plunge into fashionable gadget territory, you can pre-order your own starting at $170 and expect to get it in March. We’re thinking it’d make a perfect belated Valentine’s Day gift to ourselves.

Have you been bitten by the bling bug? Let us know what you think about Misfit’s Swarovski collection in the comments!