As our cravings for pumpkin pie grow, our minds are only on one thing — Thanksgiving. We’re planning out our holiday decor, our guest list, and even our no-fail turkey recipe. While many are dreaming up recipes for Thanksgiving classics, others are looking to elevate their favorites in a whole new way. So while your Aunt Suzy makes the same stuffing you’ve eaten for years, you can show off some serious culinary skill making a reimagined classic. From QuaiDuckHen to beer stuffing, check out these 11 new spins on classic Thanksgiving dishes.


1. Individual Pumpkin Cheesecakes: Thanksgiving dessert just wouldn’t be the same without pumpkin. Skip the pie on T-day and try out these mini pumpkin cheesecakes instead. Tangy and just a tad sweet, the individually sized treats ensure that none of your guests have to share. (via Craftsman & Wolves on Snapguide)

mushroom mashed potatoes

2. Mashed Potatoes With Mushroom Gravy: Forget the butter and turkey gravy this year. This recipe for mashed potatoes is creamy enough on its own. Its rich and earthy flavor comes from mushrooms and a splash of almond milk. (via Herbivore SF on Snapguide)


3. Charred Carrots and Squash: Elevate your veggies. The squash and carrots in this dish are charred, roasted and then sautéed in their own flavorful juices. After all that, the veggies are tossed in a rich browned butter sauce. Talk about YUM! (via Verbena SF on Snapguide)


4. QuaiDuckHen: We’ve all heard of the Turducken, but have you ever heard of the QuaiDuckHen? This dish consists of a quail stuffed into a guinea hen stuffed into a duck. Yup, these birds are dressed to impress ALL of your Thanksgiving guests. (via SPQR on Snapguide)

brussel sprouts healthy

5. Honey Chili Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts are a popular Thanksgiving side, but this recipe transforms them in a whole new way. With a dash of red chili flakes and a drizzle of honey, this dish is sweet and spicy in flavor and sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. (via Pen+Keyboard on Snapguide)

beer stuffing

6. Beer Stuffing: Forget the stovetop stuffing this year. With stale bread, browned butter, chestnuts, persimmons and beer, this recipe for stuffing is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Bake and serve the stuffing inside of a pumpkin to give it extra flavor and flair. (via Benu SF on Snapguide)

yam dumplings

7. Yam Ricotta Dumplings: Candied yams are so 2014. Check out this recipe for light-as-air yam dumplings cooked in rich browned butter, sage and thyme. You won’t miss the layer of burnt marshmallows, trust us. (via Outerlands SF on Snapguide)

cashew cream spinach

8. Cashew Creamed Spinach: Ditch the heavy cream this Thanksgiving and try cashews instead. This creamed spinach is made from blended cashews, spinach, veggie stock and a splash of white wine. Bonus: This tasty side can be made in under five minutes! (via Source restaurant on Snapguide)


9. Walnut and Mushroom Stuffing: This stuffing is just one more thing to be thankful for this year. With a mixture of chopped mushrooms, walnuts and sage, this stuffing recipe will have your guests coming back for seconds… or thirds. (via Pen+Keyboard on Snapguide)

miso tofu brussel sprouts

10. Miso Seared Brussels Sprouts With Smoked Tofu: Seared with a miso glaze and tossed with smoked tofu, you know this is isn’t your usual Brussels sprouts recipe. The smokey flavor of the tofu has a protein-packed punch your vegetarian guests are sure to enjoy. (via Millennium SF on Snapguide)

green bean chimchurri

11. Onion Soup With Green Bean Chimchurri: Instead of green bean casserole, wow Thanksgiving guests with this recipe for creamy onion soup. This dish is freshened up with green beans and shiso and topped with crispy fried shallots to give it texture. (via Rich Table SF on Snapguide)

Have a favorite Thanksgiving dish? Share with us in the comments below!