2016 has been one heck of a year. It will definitely take some time to recover from the last 12 months that took us on one heck of a rollercoaster ride, which is why we’re thrilled to finally be able to look forward to a brand new year. Surely 2017 will be everything we need to renew our love of… well, just about everything — from decor to travel, beauty to tech. And since we know you were totally into the 100 trends that Pinterest predicted would blow up in 2016 (feel free to take a peek to see how on-point or how far off the mark they were), we’re psyched to bring you their 100 trends that will be huge in 2017.

jackfruit pulled pork sandwich


1. This Fruit As Your New Favorite Meat Substitute

2. The Weirdest Way to Cook Your Food

3. Chips You Can Go to Gown on, Guilt-Free

4. Buddha Bowls

5. Octopus

6. The Craft Beer That’ll Crush It This Summer

7. Empanadas

8. Naan Pizza

9. Sauerkraut

10. Olive Oil Alternatives

indoor vines


1. The Indoor Plant That’s Literally Taking Over

2. Blue Never Looked So Cool

3. Wood Tile

4. Nightstands

5. Farmhouse Style

6. Hygge

7. Marble Wallpaper

8. Acrylic Decor

9. Copper

10. Heated Floors

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1. No-Heat Hairstyles Are Definitely a YES

2. R.I.P. Coffin Nails, Chrome Is Killing It

3. The Top Knot Gets a Braid Upgrade

4. Ash Balayage

5. Charcoal Masks

6. Cut Crease Makeup

7. Lip and Cheek Stain

8. Head Scarfs

9. Jojoba Oil

10. Microblading


1. This Top Is Going to Be BIG

2. We Need to Talk About Your Flair

3. Pajama Dressing

4. Khaki

5. Custom Denim

6. Political Tees

7. Backless Shoes

8. Multiple Earrings

9. ’80s Style

10. High Necklines


1. Introducing Health Goth

2. Urban Style

3. The Best Way to Wear Your Hair Is Also the Easiest

4. Detroit Rocks

5. Weekender Bags

6. Headphones Are the New Beanie

7. Smart Clothes

8. Grooming Balm

9. Mountain Man

10. Statement Socks


1. Choose Your Own Adventure

2. Chill Out in the Snow Instead of the Beach

3. You Have to Go to Kyoto

4. Seasonal Bucket Lists

5. Travel on a Budget

6. Cultural Events

7. Action Cameras

8. Green Scenery

9. Capsule Travel Wardrobe

10. National Parks

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#FairyGardens are in! #makeitmichaels

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1. Story Starters

2. Fairy Gardens

3. Homemade Popsicles

4. Woodland Nursery Design

5. Development Through Play

6. Fingerplays

7. Classic Baby Names

8. Virtual Reality Gear

9. Learning Spanish

10. Road Trips

cold shower


1. Why Energy Work Is Going Mainstream

2. Ab Exercises You Haven’t Tried

3. Daily Detox Drinks

4. Cold Showers

5. Heart Rate Monitors

6. Essential Oils

7. GMOs

8. The Anti-Diet

9. Stretching

10. Yin Yoga


1. Taco Tuesday

2. TV Viewing Parties

3. Flamingo Parties

4. Cultural Wedding Traditions

5. Event Entertainment

6. Moving Plans

7. Outdoor-Themed Parties

8. Cocktail Parties

9. Alternative Bachelorette Parties

10. Donations

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