Everyone wishes they had more time in the day to curl up with a good book. With so many great new releases in 2017, we can鈥檛 blame you if you missed some under-the-radar literary gems. As the temperatures drop and the holiday shopping madness begins, add these books to your list 鈥 we know you鈥檒l be needing a little more 鈥渕e鈥 time in the chaos. If your #TBRpile is threatening to tip over at any minute like ours is, these are the books you should settle down with before the year ends.

1. Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker ($27): This dual-perspective thriller about two sisters and their mysterious disappearance three years ago will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. When one sister returns without the other, she raises more questions than she answers, and begins to unveil a dangerous life within the walls of her own home.

2. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid ($26): Nadia and Saeed鈥檚 world is crumbling around them, and all they are certain of is their secret love for each other. With civil war erupting in their backyards, they two-step through a door that will take them to a place far away from the only home they鈥檝e ever known. This otherworldly love story is one unlike most you may have read in 2017.

3. The Infinite Nowby Mindy Tarquini ($17): In 1918 Philadelphia, Fiora Vicente is forced into a future she hadn鈥檛 anticipated, and her apprehensions about what鈥檚 to come will cast a physical, idle bubble of time over her community. In a new world of unspent seconds, the pressure to move forward with life will begin to build, and with tensions brewing, Fiora must find the strength to collapse the bubble or lose sight of her dreams forever.

4. You Don鈥檛 Have to Say You Love Me by Sherman Alexie ($30): In Sherman Alexie鈥檚 first memoir, he digs into his complicated relationship with his mother after her passing. Stories of an imperfect human litter the pages of this poignant read as Alexie recounts moments of disappointment, heartbreak, and abuse. One of the most honest publications this year, You Don鈥檛 Have to Say You Love Me will have you hugging your loved ones a little harder in 2018.

5. The Other New Girlby LB Gschwandtner ($17): Starting at a new Quaker school will not be an easy task for Susannah Greenwood and the shy girl she befriends. When her new friend disappears after an altercation with the authoritative dean, Susannah must decide whether she should be loyal to her or help the liable dean, whose job is now on the line.

6. Flood by Melissa Scholes ($26): Leaving her small town in Missouri 10 years ago was the easiest decision Laura Brooks had ever made, but when her new life in Florida starts to fall apart, she鈥檚 forced to return to a town full of memories she鈥檇 rather forget. The more time she spends in Hannibal, the more she sees that the past isn鈥檛 as black and white as she had thought 鈥 and that family is sometimes the only thing you have. When the Mississippi threatens to flood the town once again, she鈥檒l have to decide if she wants to endure the storm or run away from the only familiarity she鈥檚 ever known.

7. Perfectly Undoneby Jamie Raintree ($16): Being the perfect doctor, partner, and daughter has never been so demanding, and Dylan Michaels鈥 guilt about losing her sister is keeping her life at a standstill. So when her boyfriend gets down on one knee, Dylan can鈥檛 get herself to accept the proposal. Jamie Raintree鈥檚 debut novel follows one young woman on her road to self-discovery and acceptance of the things she can鈥檛 control.

8. Black Book of Poems by Vincent Hunanyan ($7): Vincent Hunanyan鈥檚 debut poetry collection manages to find light in the darkest of subjects and teach moral lessons through feelings of grief and pain. His use of both classic and modern poetry rhythms and incorporation of a few short stories makes this a standout collection for the year and a must-read for anyone looking for a little hope during tough times.

9. Bridge of the Gods by Diane Rios ($13): Chloe spends plenty of time in the forests surrounding her home but has never before discovered the magic that lives beyond the trees 鈥 until she鈥檚 abducted and sold to a group of wanderers. Forced to survive in an unfamiliar land, Chloe must rely on the magic of the land around her in Diane Rios鈥檚 fantastical novel about finding friendship in even the most desolate places.

10. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas ($9): Starr Carter鈥檚 world of poor neighborhoods and suburban prep schools is shattered when her childhood best friend is shot by a police officer. News headlines claim he鈥檚 a drug dealer, but he wasn鈥檛 armed at the time of the attack. Starr is the only one who knows the truth about that fateful night, and her recollections come with a heavy price.

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