How can you really complain about a week that started off with photos of Ryan Gosling plastered all over Sadly, our partnership with Ryan was simply a pipe dream, inspired by the 1st of April. In the real world of Brit + Co, we hacked ourselves a whole pile of healthy donuts, created statement rings out of stones, and upgraded our desktops with a little wallpaper. And now it’s time for the BritList!

1. Marimekko Converse: Marimekko meets Converse? A match made in heaven.

2. ModCloth Pattern Play: Love this playful video by ModCloth, showing all sorts of fun pattern and color combinations.

3. Snowballs: It turns out the act of procreation isn’t always smooth sailing. There are all sorts of tips, tricks and old wives tales that folks turn to when they’re ready to start a family. The latest? Snowballs! Snowballs is an organic pair of men’s underwear that aims to maximize fertility by keeping your “goods” cooled down.

4. Gigantic Donut Float: Speaking of donuts, this seems like the perfect float for summer 2013.

5. Finding Dory: We think this is real. Ellen announced it on her show dangerously close to April Fools Day, but that seems like a pretty cruel trick for Nemo fans.

6. Thug Kitchen: Click on this link immediately – it will make your Friday complete. And you can thank Photoshop’s Motion Blur tool for our verbal discretion.

7. Your LL Bean Boyfriend: One of the best new blogs we’ve seen in a while, and we’re totally crushing on Thurston.

8. Nicely Noted: Love gorgeous letterpress stationery? Us too! Nicely Noted delivers a whole pack of cards and notecards for just $18 a month.

9. Cocoppa: Bored of all those icons on your home screen? Use Cocoppa to customize your phone. #therewillbesparkles

10. Sugar, Salt & Pepper Jars: We love these jars! That’s all.

11. Portico Slub Towel: The folks at Portico know how to make a good piece of terry cloth. Definitely on the bath sheet end of the towel spectrum, these eco-friendly towels are sure to make it onto registries in years to come.

12. Air Swimmers: Ummm, speaking of Finding Dory…

13. Trongs: We’ll make today’s list a baker’s dozen because, well, because we absolutely have to include this late submission from our engineering team. No one wants to get messy when they eat messy food… right? Add this to our list of weirdest kitchen gadgets ever.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Tell us in the comments below.