Oh heeey, y’all! Many of the members of Team Brit + Co. are kickin’ it in Austin this weekend for our first every Texas edition of Re:Make. If you’re in the area, come say hello, make something, buy something handmade and have a generally merry time! For the rest of you, the BritList will have to do the trick ;)

1. Knitted Comfort Foods: First up, did your eyes just do a double take? Those are NOT perfectly cooked comfort foods — they’re perfectly KNIT comfort foods. We can’t say we’re adding these to our to-make list, but they definitely made us look.

2. Slap It: Guess what you do to turn these butt-shaped lights on? Slap THEM.

3. Wardrobe: This beautiful coat/scarf/anything rack lets you turn out hooks as you need them.

4. The Flask Scarf ($25): We thought we’d seen all the wearable flasks in the world, but we were wrong. Now, you can drink out of your scarf.

5. The Most Patterned Sleep Pants Ever ($60): Patterns and pajamas and you just found your new Sunday morning uniform.

6. LEGO Apartment in NYC: We’re seriously wondering if it’s time to start a dedicated LEGO category on Brit.co — there is something new and buzzy about LEGOs every single day!

7. Free Printable Mom Tatts: Show your mom how much you love her by printing out some temporary tattoo love, courtesy of Oh Happy Day.

8. Fixie Pizza Cutter ($23): YES.

9. Bibliochaise: How awesome is this? It’s an armchair with built-in shelving!

10. Shimmer Table: And finally, a hologram table.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share a link with us in the comments below.