Top of the morning to you, dear readers! It’s been a short but party-packed week here at Brit + Co. Just a couple days ago we announced our very first special edition Brit Kit with the fashionable folks over at Lucky Magazine. Head here to read all about it. Now, on to the BritList!

1. The “Pick” Digicam: It’s a tiny camera that plugs right into your computer!! Plus, no batteries – it runs off of charge or a mini SD card.

2. Magnetic Wood Planters: Working with a small outdoor space? Perhaps just a fire escape? Add a little greenery to your life with these handy (and lovely!) magnetic wood planters.

3. Shake Dog Potty: If you’re heading on a long road trip with your pup or have to pull an all-nighter at work, this dog potty might be your best friend’s new best friend. To clean, simply fill with water, shake, and empty.

4. DSLR Seat: Possibly the photo-nerdiest piece of furniture we’ve ever seen.

5. Edible Eco-Spoons: Instead of throwing away your on-the-go forks, knives, and spoons, why not eat them?

6. Babybel Cheese People: When’s the last time you had a Babybel?

7. Kaleidoscope Pillows: These prints and patterns make us think of looking through a kaleidoscope on a dusty summer day.

8. Food Guide: Keep this in your kitchen as a quick reference guide to all your favorite food groups… though we don’t see Oreos anywhere ;)

9. The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature: We love the idea of throwing a glamorous theme party with this chart as both the costume and drink guide.

10. Instant Table: Four legs and a top are all you need to make a table, right? This clever table says yes, is portable, colorful, and easier to out together than your latest Ikea purchase.

11. Threadflip’s New App: Better than a newly designed place to browse designer threads? A promo code to get 20% off of any Threadflip purchase (through Sunday at midnight)! Simply enter TFAPP20 in the promo code section of checkout. You can thank us later ;)

12. Fire Escape Wall Shelf: This adorable shelf would look perfect in a teeny tiny New York apartment.

13. Prancercise: Described as “The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence”, Prancercise is movement inspired by horses… prancing. Just watch the video.

What goodness have you found online this week? Share links with us in the comments below and we just might include them in the next BritList!