You guys — Halloween is exactly in ONE WEEK. What are you going to be? What are you going to wear? Where are you going to wear it? We are on a nonstop costume-making mission, so stick with us and you will most definitely find something you love. Of course, there are non-Halloween things we have to report on. Like… bacon-scented t-shirts, Bette Midler covering TLC and more. Enjoy!

1. Full Alphabet Cake Topper ($45): Brit’s little one has finally arrived! Her gorgeous boy’s name is Ansel Jackson Morin, and we all can’t wait to meet him. For her baby shower a few weeks ago, we made this yummy cake topped with these awesomely versatile alphabet toppers.

2. Bacon Scented T-Shirts ($28): Because one can’t simply eat bacon, one must smell it all day…

3. A $1.6 Million Halloween Costume: You read that right. This is one Halloween costume that will actually break the bank, and will cause people around you to question your sanity. And… they might try plucking off one of the 70,000 diamonds that encrusts this spandex number.

4. Emoticards Set ($20): STOP! Hammertime! = THE BEST USE OF EMOJI EVER.

5. LEGO Frozen Ice Palace: How awesome is this? What to do when LEGO doesn’t make the princess kingdom of your liking? Make it yourself!

6. Gold Foil Patterned Pencils ($8): Go for a modern swiss dot or chevron pattern bright whit, these will add a gorgeous luxe moment to any pencil cup.

7. Bette Midler Covering TLC’s Waterfalls: Talk about worlds colliding in a crazy way. But you know, TLC was kind of the wind beneath our wings back in the day so this only makes sense. Oh, and yes those are THREE Bettes.

8. Brogamats: Yoga mat bags for… bros. For bros who like burritos, chopping wood and being a flannel-wearing faux lumberjack. So good.

9. Necklace Display Organizer ($58): Forget hanging all your necklaces on the nails that you hammered into your wall — go for this gorgeous display and your jewelry can double as art.

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