Guys, Thanksgiving is REALLY soon! We’re getting so excited about turkey day, we can hardly contain ourselves. In fact, we skipped the whole “calendar” thing and actually had our own company potluck this past Tuesday. The results? Delicious. So now that you know about that, let’s go on with our day. BritList time!

1. Bad Engagement Photos: First up, the best microblog to ever surface on the Internet. Okay, maybe it’s not the best but it is pretty darn hilarious. I want that denim shirt… a lot. The question is, is it Photoshopped or actually screen printed?

2. “Arm” Chair: And the award for creepiest chair goes to…

3. Green Pencil Scarf: We love wearable plays on DIY essentials, but this is one scarf that has gone way too far. Sorry Etsy.

4. Des Hommes et des Chatons: An entire blog dedicated to hot dudes and cute kittens? Yeah, okay.

5. Tail Lights: Heading for a late night ride like the midnight cowboy you are? Then you’re going to need to invest in a pair of tail lights for your noble steed. And if you’re a cowgirl with long enough hair, maybe you could even rock these yourself?

6. Femme Fatale ($106): Who doesn’t need a hundred-dollar scarf organizer called Femme Fatale?

7. Mohinders Shoes: This Kickstarter project is all about bringing traditional leather shoes made in India to the states. The difference between this and your local hippie shop? All of the sourcing choices are responsibly made, the makers properly compensated, and the materials high-quality.

8. Blurred Limits: An ombre couch? I die.

9. Señor Shaker: This is the best drink shaker we’ve ever seen. (P.S. Makers of this, please send us one when they come out!)

10. Hobbit Holes: Always wanted to live the life of Frodo? Now you can, thanks to Wooden Wonders, the makers of these custom Hobbit Holes. #gandalfwashere

11. Troll Wrapping Paper ($18): When we were scouring the web for beautiful wrapping paper, we came across this beauty. So good.

12. The Clampersand ($40): And finally, a tool for designers who want to hit the woodshop. This clamp rules.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Tell us in the comments below.