It鈥檚 Friday, and it鈥檚 hard to focus on anything besides donuts. Wait, you didn鈥檛 know today was National Donut Day? Girl, get in the know! But today isn鈥檛 just about donuts. It鈥檚 about ushering in the first weekend of June in style.

1. Mara Hoffman x Pendleton Towel ($78): If I could dream of the most perfect collaboration in all the world, it would be this one. Now, Dear Ms. Mara Hoffman and the people of Pendleton, can you please take this collab to the world of blankets, pillows, bags and coffee mugs? Kthxbai.

2. Bottle Opener Sunglasses ($10): Guess what? You just WON summer. You鈥檙e welcome.

3. 3D Printed 鈥淜nit鈥 Planters: That鈥檚 right. That beautifully knit planter you see in the photo above? 3D printed. Created after several years of research and experimentation, this collection of planters by The Keter Group (quite successfully) recreates a soft woven look.

4. Brown Leather Coleman Coolers: Because coolers, as they are, are just not masculine enough.

5. Modern VHS Art: Though VHS tapes are basically obsolete, these imagined versions of modern TV shows and movies make us want to take a trip to Blockbuster. Created by Julien Knez (aka golem13), this series takes a look at rapidly changing technologies that, just a few hours ago, seemed as advanced as they could be. (Related: Remember the minidisc?)

6. Metal Cacti Sculptures ($52): We just love these. And that鈥檚 all there is to it.

7. All Things Macrame: This 鈥70s-style craft has come back into its own in the last couple of years, and now even Urban Outfitters is bringing it on the macrame front. I have to admit, those curtains are most definitely in my cart.

8. Airbnb鈥檚 Floating House: How cool is this? Airbnb鈥檚 latest London listing is a fully functioning floating house that sails seemingly endlessly along the river Thames. The property is made up of two bedrooms, a living room, a working bathroom, a garden complete with real grass, a doghouse and an apple tree. Amazing.

9. Mix and Match Party Themes: Have you checked out Oh Happy Day鈥檚 party shop yet? Mix and match for days鈥!

10. The Beard Bib: And finally, the beard bib is here to do a favor for all of us who live with someone bearded. Instead of filling up the sink with bits of beard every time a trim is in order, the beard bib guarantees mess-free grooming. We鈥檙e not totally sure if this is just a really long term April Fools鈥 joke, but I wouldn鈥檛 mind if my husband started to use one ;)

Which pick is your fave? Let us know in the comments!