You know what? We need a new Friday song. Every time our favorite day rolls around, we can’t help but think of that Rebecca Black song, in spite of major love-hate vibes. I guess we could throw it back to the Cure and simply be in love. Okay, let’s do that. Now that that’s settled, onto the BritList.

1. Ryan Gosling #TBT: If you still haven’t bothered to press play on the Ryan Gosling Dancing in 1992 video that keeps popping up in your Facebook feed, today is the day to just push play. And prepare to be jealous of a dozen leotard-clad early ’90s tween girls.

2. Photo FX Kit ($25): This colorful kit includes a bunch of goodies to add a burst of unexpected color to your photos, whether you’re taking them with your phone or a DSLR. From powder pigment to a pocket-size prism, this is a fun kit to add to your weekend adventure box.

3. Medium Agenda Planner ($36): Though we keep almost everything digital, things like to-dos and dreamy future plans sometimes feel better when put down on paper. Personally, I switched back to a paper to-do list about six months ago to see if I liked it better and to see if it helped me focus on each task at hand. Four Moleskines later, I’m still on board with good old-fashioned paper. These agendas are great because they’re totally blank, so you can fill in dates as you go and skip over days if you don’t need to organize them.

4. Real Romance: What happens when regular people recreate the covers of romance novels? Dan. That’s what. And we love it.

5. Dino Tissue Box: Also known as the cutest tissue box we’ve ever seen.

6. Orange Magic Pencil Earphones ($30): How cute are these? Bookmark them for back to school!

7. Dance Photography: This year-long project by French-American artist Mickael Jou combines his two careers, photography and dance, beautifully. Every single day for a year, Jou took a self-portrait of himself caught mid-move, appearing completely weightless against the backdrop of everyday scenes like a supermarket, park or museum hallway.

8. Bandas Space: Dubbed Bandas, this interior concept by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola lets you mix and match modular components like chairs, poufs, rugs and pillows to completely customize your space. (h/t Design Milk)

9. Hooray Confetti Crackers ($15): Who says crackers are just for Christmas? These confetti-packed doodads are just waiting for you to throw an impromptu party.

10. Cool Stuff Art Print ($20): We’re in. Happy weekend!!

11. SF vs LA, Visualized: Inspired by Vahram Muratyan’s Paris vs New York, we love this series by Annalisa Van Den Bergh.

12. Bitchstix ($10): Need a new tube of chapstick? Get a stick that supports a good cause. All net proceeds of Bitchstix are donated to organizations that support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

13. Emoji Keyboard: This keyboard is the future of ALL communication. Just FYI.

14. Bette Midler Sings Kim Kardashian Tweets: [Brain explodes.]