Top o’ the morning to you! It’s a lovely Friday here in the bay, and we’ve got springy weekend adventures on the brain. To help you through a Friday filled with finally checking all those pesky things off your to-do list, we’re kicking things off with extremely important news.

1. STOP THE PRESSES, There’s a She’s All That Remake in the Works: Y’all ready for this? According to TheWrap, the Weinstein Company and Miramax are developing a remake of ’90s teen classic “She’s All That,” produced by Spike Lee’s wife, Tonya Lewis Lee. Will Rachel Leigh Cook play a teacher? Will Freddie Prinze Jr. play the dad? So many QUESTIONS…

2. The Croissant Loaf is REAL: But why? Because of the scraps. For real. Chicago baker Jeffrey Hallenbeck has taken to his bakery to come up with a solution to the croissant’s one fatal flaw: so many flaky yet delicious scraps. The answer? Croissant loaf. And just like that, a mandatory trip to Chicago for all of Brit HQ is born.

3. Memory Clock: This new take on the clock keeps track of your photos and displays them on the same date they were taken each year. It syncs with your phone to collect these photos, and is meant as a way to revive unexpected moments and memories each day.

4. All-Seeing Eyes Nail Wraps ($12): We know what you’re thinking: “Eye totally need these.” Most obvious pun ever? #sorrynotsorry

5. PET-ART: These works of art by Czech artist Veronika Richterová certainly make us look at and appreciate PET plastic bottles differently. Since 2004, she’s devoted herself to creating nature-inspired sculptures using PET bottles, and the results are astonishingly beautiful. (h/t Design Milk)

6. Agabag LEGO Bags: Who knew LEGOs could be so chic?

7. We Are Yawn: Spring is here, and we’ve got camping on the brain. So do the creative folks at We Are Yawn, our new favorite design crush.

8. The Most Beautiful Rulers in All the Land: In ALL the land? Yes. ALL the land. Created by Denmark design house Hay, these hand-painted beech wood rulers are downright snappy.

9. Paper Cup Apparel: Just. This.

10. Citrus Floral Recipe Box + Cards ($34): This gorgeous recipe box and matching set of cards by the floral geniuses at Rifle Paper Co. is number one on our Mother’s Day gift list.

11. The Muppets Do the Humpty Dance: And finally, a video after my own heart. Not only was I a subscriber to Muppet Magazine in the ’80s, but I know every single word to the Humpty Dance… and performed it with my brother and husband at my wedding.

Have a great weekend, y’all!