This week at Brit & Co., we've continued delving into the wide world of red, white and blue sweets, styles, and LED decor. We found a bed that makes itself (seriously), a crazy camera controlled by your eyes, and served up 10 different ways to style a classic mini skirt. It's been quite a week. And now it's Friday, and it's time for…the BritList! :)

Floppy Disk Pillow: Love old tech so much you want curl up with it on the couch? Your floppy disk planters probably aren't quite as cozy as they look so grab this adorable pillow and cuddle up.

FaceCream: Want to take a bite out of a billion dollar social network? So does Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonarić who came up with this sweet summery concept pop.

Uniqlo on Pinterest: If you haven't already heard, Uniqlo has officially WON Pinterest. Super long images, 100 separate shell accounts, and a five-category takeover. Awesome.

Halo LED Bike Belt: We've seen the blinking headlights, the blinking taillights, the light up wheels, and even some blinking helmets, but we're really digging this LED belt, perfect for bicycling around a city late at night. And, maybe perfect for your next night out?

The Shape of Things: This gorgeous gold cube is a bracelet! We love it. That's all.

Free 20×200 Art!: If you haven't already entered our 20×200 giveaway, get ON it. This website releases 2-3 new limited edition artworks each week, and it's time for you to start your art collection.

Instagram Lenses: Instagram filters in a pair of sunglasses. It's as simple as that. It will probably stay in the conceptual phase, but we love the idea of rose-tinted glasses 2.0. ;)

Domino Tea Light: Simple, lovely, colorful and make us think of lining up as many dominoes as possible only to have all our hard work foiled by the wagging tail of our dog.

TV Test Screen Mousepad: This is a test. This is only a test. This station is conducting a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. Who knew the folks behind the Emergency Broadcast System were onto the color blocking trend way before their time?

Buckybars: Buckyballs are now available as bars!! And check out the official tagline: Buckybars: Magnetic bars to hook up your balls. Hmmm. We'll just leave it at that.

Snap Clap: This fun little app lets you control a self timer on your camera by… clapping! Kind of weird as all your photos would probably have at least one person clapping, as would the beginning of your videos, but still a fun camera trick. And speaking of camera tricks, Happy National Camera Day!

Have your Internet wanderings led you to awesome gadgets, apps, artworks, and the like? Share links with us in the comments below or send bits of goodness our way on Twitter or Facebook. And for those of you celebrating Independence Day this weekend, Happy 4th of July!!