Every week our app roundups聽want to help you make a little slice of your life better, more beautiful and/or easier to describe in GIF form. This Saturday is no different, with an app that wants to show you videos of Chris Hemsworth, one that wants to color your life in all the Pantone-a-riffic flavors of the world, another that will snap selfies聽for you in a whole new way聽and a couple others we think you鈥檒l dig. There鈥檚 even a calendar app in there that聽could be The One you鈥檝e been looking for all this time. Keep reading and start downloading!


1.聽The Daily Cut: Coming at you from Time Inc, this app wants to buddy up with your other favorite streamers by offering up video content from all of its properties (TIME, Sports Illustrated, EW, People, InStyle, Food & Wine and others) in one place. BRB gotta find out what Chris Hemsworth DID say when he found out he was the sexiest man alive. My guess? 鈥淒uhhhhh 鈥斅燽ut actually, have you guys met my brother Liam? Also very sexy, especially in聽Hunger Games.鈥

DL It: Free on iOS (also works on Roku and web!)


2.聽Colors: You know what鈥檚 better than 24 filters? 1,000 filters. (Please tell me you read that in The Social Network JT voice, thank you.) This app鈥檚 got 鈥榚m and is ready to transform your pics into a rainbow-fied work of art. Pantone, anytime you want to follow up with your own app, we鈥檙e down to DL.

DL It: $.99 on iOS


3.聽Shifts: Calendars are awesome and all (we鈥檙e fans) but the ones on your mobile device likely factor in your work week as a 9 to 5, M through F gig. Great for those of us who work like that, not so great if you have multiple jobs, work morning, night or weekend shifts or are in school. This calendar changes ALL of that by letting you plot out your day or week with *your* schedule.

DL It: $1.99 on sale on iOS


4.聽Camu: We鈥檝e told you about Camu before, but [insert celebratory horn noises!] the top selfie improver is now available for Android as well. Named one of the App Store鈥檚 best of 2014, this simplifies the filter game 鈥斅爄f you鈥檙e not in need of 1,000 like above 鈥斅燼nd lets you add adjustments to your photos before or after you take them. The super-focus feature gives your photos a depth you can鈥檛 get on your phone normally and the selfie shutter will automatically snap pics when you stop moving.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


5.聽Copyfeed: Copyfeed. Where have you been all my life? At both my past and present jobs I have used my morning commutes to troll Twitter and various news apps for what鈥檚 up in the world, copying and pasting what IS up into Notes or Evernote. Copyfeed manages everything on your iPhone鈥檚 clipboard so you can access it in the app or in the Notification Center. Simple but a little lifesaver.

DL It: Free on iOS

What was your favorite app of recent download? Share below!