If you are already craving more YA lit-turned-flicks after this weekend’s teary-eyed viewing of The Fault in Our Stars, it’s time to turn your attention back to a book that you probably read when the only vampire you cared about was on a cereal box. Lois Lowry’s The Giver comes to the big screen this summer, and we’re ready to start counting down the days ‘til then after watching the just-released first trailer. Studded with stars like Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift + newbies you’re about to see everrrrywhere, the trailer made us feel a lot of things that we would like to discuss with you.

1. Katie Holmes, where did you go? Katie is BACK. And we missed her. We’re down for a mini comeback and bet this movie will put her back on the map.

2. Is anyone blonde in the future? Save for Peeta Mellark, when’s the last time you saw highlights on one of these kids?! Sheesh. When even Taylor Swift is forgoing her signature blonde locks for her craft, you know it is a thing. Speaking of Tay Tay, we get to see her for a split second and it’s a split second that made us gasp. We knew you were trouble when you creeped in, T-Money.

3. Speaking of which, The Giver is kinda creepy, no?? We were surprised by this while watching the trailer until it hit us — no, The Giver is just creepy in general. Remember that eerie, hollow feeling the book gave you? And that was before we had pictures of Katniss and Tris jumping around in our heads to truly paint the picture of a dystopian future. Eek. Bleak.

4. Why does Jeff Bridges sounds like Donald Sutherland?The Hunger Games comparisons are inevitable, but it doesn’t help that we’re getting real President Snow vibes from JB’s voice in the trailer. Confusing.

5. Wait… what was The Giver about again? The trailer was a lot different than what we remembered from the book. And we were in Honors English class! Looks like we have some re-reading to do. Watch below and let’s compare notes in the comments.

The Giver is out August 15, so pencil it in now before you get invited to a wedding that day. #Summer

Are you excited to see The Giver? What other YA book from way back when do you want to see made into a movie next? Share below!