It’s finally arrived, the iPhone update that Apple is calling their “biggest iOS release ever.” We’re talkin’ about iOS 10. Since its intro back at WWDC 2016, folks have been anticipating all the cool new stuff that the iPhone update has to offer. The update has gone through beta testing since July, and the final version is available for download starting TODAY. But wait. Before you go upgrading your software, there are apparently still some bugs that Apple hasn’t fully ironed out.

iPhone users (including The Hills alum Spencer Pratt!) have been reporting that iOS 10 is freezing up their phones. Full disclaimer: That happened to us the first time we tried it too. The good news is, after plugging it into iTunes and updating it back to iOS 9.3.5, then reinstalling iOS 10, it cleared up the issue for us. Just be sure you backup your iPhone before you attempt to upgrade.

Meanwhile, several people who have successfully updated are suffering a bout of buyer’s remorse, namely over how different emoji appear in iOS 10 and the disappearance of the “slide to unlock.” Also, some are lamenting the subbing of the handgun emoji for the water gun emoji.

Others still are trying to find the silver lining.

But there are still those who can’t get enough of iOS 10’s emoji and the ability to delete all that Apple bloatware forever. See ya never, Stocks app!

All this back and forth has a lot of users on the fence on whether to download or not download.

Actor Nathan Fillion might have summed it up the best.

But whatever you decide to do, please, please, please back up your phone first.

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(Photo via Apple)