Back in the day, before North West became the mini queen of side-eye, there was little Chloe. Reacting to her sister’s meltdown over the surprising news that the family was headed on a Disney vacation, the toddler was captured looking BEYOND unimpressed. Now, Chloe is all grown up and owning her side-eye fame.


It was four years ago that both Lily and Chloe charmed the world with their incredibly honest (and drastically different) reactions to their mom’s surprising news, but despite all the time that’s passed, the internet adores them both as much as ever.

That’s why folks were beyond thrilled when one Twitter user noticed Chloe & Lily’s official Instagram account, which captures the ongoing adventures of these siblings who are looking much more grown up (though still totally adorable).

These days, six-year-old Chloe, still boasting one of the most famous side-eye faces around, and her older sister Lily (who is famous in her own right for her epic meltdown) enjoy plenty of super cool opportunities because of their meme-related fame. Chloe’s even willing to sign an autograph or two.

But in the end, there will always be the memes…

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And in case you missed it the first time around (or just wanna see it again for the millionth time), here’s the video that started it all…

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