We were totally impressed by the woman who hacked her fridge to dispense wine and thrilled by the free 24-hour wine fountain. But now our minds have totally been blown by a cloud created by the Mexican tourism board that actually rains tequila.


While looking for a way to attract German tourists to Mexico, the latter country’s tourism board teamed up with the creative agency LAPIZ to combine one thing German’s know well (cloudy weather!) and one thing they adore about Mexico (tequila!). This led them to perform a little marketing magic by creating a cloud that actually rains tequila.

On display at the Urban Spree art gallery in Berlin, this boozy phenomenon is created by using a tequila-based mist and a plastic container which helps to form the proper poofy shape. Once the mist turns into vapour inside of the plastic, it then falls as tequila rain.

To enjoy the downpour, you merely need to hold a glass under the cloud and fill up. There’s also a handy spout for anyone who wants a quick sip and prefers to skip the cloud… but where’s the fun in that?!

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Monica Schipper/Getty)