With eco-friendly beauty buys becoming more of an industry standard, now is the perfect time to arm ourselves with the best resources that can help us make better choices one purchase at a time. But what exactly is green beauty and how can you get on board? Here, a few amazing platforms that make natural beauty education a reality.

1. EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database: The goal of this site is to fill in where the industry leaves off. Their staff compares the ingredients on personal care product labels and websites to information in nearly 60 toxicity and regulatory databases. You can search their nearly 70,000 products to view the ratings and risks on categories like hazardous materials and development and reproductive toxicity. They recently launched the EWG Verified program, which is a seal of approval for non-toxic beauty and personal care products.

2. Think Dirty App: This app will help identify the potential risks associated with personal care products. Sign up for a clearly outlined rating system that identifies each risk as moderate, strong, or conclusive. Each clean beauty buy will be gauged by its user-friendly 鈥渄irty meter鈥 for consideration.

3. Good Guide: This site categorizes beauty formulas so that you have instant access to credible information and recommendations. It鈥檚 also extremely helpful if you鈥檙e on the hunt for details regarding the overall safety of your products.

4. Enkel Nontoxic Luxuries: Turn to this brand for its popular 鈥淭his, Not That鈥 series on their Instagram account, where they take conventional beauty products and swap them out with 鈥済reen鈥 choices.

5. Nu Evolution鈥檚 The Shocking Truth: Consider this a destination for a clear, concise list of the worst ingredient offenders in the cosmetic industry.

6. Organic Bunny: From brands to shop to product advice, look for informative content that centers around the green beauty movement. For optimal convenience, there鈥檚 even a shop featuring products free of 鈥渉ormone-disrupting synthetic fragrances, toxic preservatives, nanoparticles, synthetic lake dyes, bismuth oxychloride, phenoxyethanol, untreated heavy metals, PEGs, benzophenones, parabens, phthalates, triclosan + more!鈥

7. Janny Organically: Janny鈥檚 helpful and witty site dives into holistic remedies for all of your lifestyle needs with the added benefit of clean beauty reviews and other unpolluted 鈥渟oul-food.鈥 Watch this space to get a clear understanding of the upside to natural products for your everyday life.

8. Follain: If you鈥檙e searching for in-person educational events about clean makeup and skincare, then you鈥檙e going to love this brand. Connect with other green beauty enthusiasts or simply browse their selection of thoughtful curated clean beauty products. If you prefer a more hands-on type of guidance, you can get a consultation that is tailored to your specific beauty needs.

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