The last three months of the year always go by the fastest. Once October sets in, it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s (and whatever other holidays you may celebrate in there too!). So although it may seem toooo early to already be talking about holiday travel, we’re going to. Trust us, you’ll thank us later. Google just came out with a new flight analyzer that’s going to make booking flights home for the holidays SUPER easy.

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If you’ve held off on booking travel because you’re unsure whether or not the price would drop, you’re going to want to get on this. The new feature, called Google Flights, will let you set alerts for your itinerary, as well as let you know if the price will go up or down. (If you’ve ever used the travel app Hopper, you know that this was their shtick and that Google is directly gunning for them.)

But Google’s new flight analyzer is the most specific we’ve ever seen. It will tell you if you need to jump on this price RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND and if the price will fluctuate in just a few hours. The new feature will also allow you to get email alerts when a flight you’re tracking changes prices. And the same goes for hotel prices — you’ll be able to track them and book at the lowest price.

But the best feature for someone with intense wanderlust is the ability to search for flights to another part of the globe. Let’s say you’re dying to get away somewhere in the Caribbean — you’ll be able to search for direct flights and Google will tell you which cheap places you should check out.

We have a feeling we’re going to start seeing a LOT more of the world with a lot less missing from our wallet.

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