We love the idea of being able to studio hop whenever we please and do any workout we’re in the mood for that day. The ability to do everything from spin class to hot yoga to HIIT is a big reason why we love ClassPass and flexible memberships like it. After all, getting to pick and choose from the best classes your city has to offer is a *serious* perk. That’s why we’re also obsessed with a new exercise class reservation service called ZenRez. It’s similar to the other flex memberships we know and love but totally unique in a few very important ways.

Three women working out on rowing machine

You’ll never pay a membership fee with ZenRez. You only pay for the classes you sign up for. YAY! If you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Salt Lake City, Portland or one of the other areas ZenRez currently serves — check them out on the studio map — log on to the site or app starting at 9pm the night before you want to work out. There, you’ll find all the available classes for the next day with their discounted prices. Book a class, pay for it and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t normally use all the classes that your monthly gym membership allows, this could be a great money-saving option for you. And we’re all about saving big bucks! On the other hand, if you need the motivation of getting your money’s worth to make it to the gym, it might not be your best option.

So how much of a discount can you expect to receive on your classes? Pricing depends on how many spots are open, how popular the class is, how much it usually costs and, of course, how much of a discount the studio is willing to give. Regardless, you’re going to pay a little less than you would normally — think $10 off a $35 class MAX.


The service is expanding to new cities pretty rapidly, and this could be because, if you think about it, it’s a much better model for studios. Instead of having to set aside class spaces for ZenRez, gyms can use it to fill up open spots later, which is a lot more convenient and cost friendly for them. Hopefully, this means that some of your favorite studios that aren’t available on ClassPass will get onboard, making your workout habits just a little easier on your bank account.

ZenRez is also a great option for people who travel, since it’s seriously low commitment. If you’re taking a work trip or visiting a friend out of town, it’s definitely worth checking out what classes are available (in case you want to squeeze in a sweat sesh). While ZenRez probably won’t replace your regular gym membership, since you never know what classes will be available, it’s an amazing way to try out a new workout or land a spot in a class that’s normally outside of your price range. That’s something we can really get behind. We’re all about workouts that make your body and your wallet happy.

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