Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. It’s a harsh reality we have to face when all across social media are beautiful rooms decked out to the finest in ferns, succulents and greenery. Luckily, technology is stepping in and helping all of us who have killed every plant we’ve ever touched.


Grow Box is a new product that promises to take care of your plants from seedling into healthy old age. It works on all sorts of plants — vegetables, ficus, flowers — via an app. Tell the app what sort of plant is inside the nearly-six-foot box and it will automate the box’s settings to ideal growing conditions.

Light schedule, humidity, temperature and air flow are all automatically regulated. The box has a built-in water pump and tank, which only needs to be refilled a few times every year — and the app will let you know when it’s time, so there’s no chance of over- or under-watering.

Unfortunately, Grow Box is still only in the prototype phase, but its creator (a company called 7Sensors) is hoping to launch a Kickstarter soon.

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(h/t Tech Crunch; photos via 7sensors)