Disney is giving us plenty of reasons to visit their magical, memory-making parks in 2017 — hellooo, 15 can’t-miss events at Disney parks this year, eight unofficial fan days worth checking out and exclusive three-day tickets — but now we’ve come across some news about Disney parks that you do NOT want to hear (but really should, TBH).

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Beginning yesterday, February 12, Disney started raising the admission price for its US parks by as much as $5 for some single-day tickets.

Here’s how it breaks down from park to park:

1. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida: One-day prices will either stay flat or rise by up to 4.9 percent.

2. Magic Kingdom: A single-day, adult pass will cost between $107 to $124 depending on the time of year (tix will cost more during peak periods like holidays and special events).

3. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California: Single-day prices will now range in the area of $97 to $124.

While price increases are a regular part of Disney’s annual changes, it’s always best to know what exactly those increases are so that you can make sure to budget for a trip accordingly. And, of course, save plenty of money for Mickey Mouse ears.

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(h/t CNBC; photos via Dan Bannister/Getty, Disney)