Mary-Kate Olsen has always been a trendsetter. So it only makes sense that her marriage to Olivier Sarkozy last year inspired some trends as well. While not all of her wedding choices are for everyone (looking at you, “bowls and bowls of cigarettes”), there was one that seems to have resonated with wedding planners everywhere.

His forever was simply her smile

In the past year, searches for “unplugged wedding ceremony” jumped 600 percent on Pinterest. In keeping with her entire theme of keeping the wedding on the DL, Olsen asked guests to refrain from using their technology during the wedding. Although MK was a bit more forceful than most unplugged brides (guests were required to turn in their phones before entering), the trend is one that many can get behind. For most couples, putting out a cute sign asking iPhoneographers to refrain from snapping pics will suffice.

Asking guests to ditch their phones and cameras during the ceremony has several benefits. Not only will those phones and cameras not interfere with the photographer the couple is paying for, it will also encourage guests to be more present at the ceremony. Plus, your guests can take all the pictures they want at the reception.

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