If you鈥檙e a millennial in the city, odds are you鈥檙e not working an outdated nine-to-five. Whether you鈥檙e working remotely, freelancing or quitting your day job to pursue a side hustle, the days of job security and benefits have definitely given way to flexible schedules and creative control. But unfortunately, this change in work culture also means that most millennials are stuck working unpaid overtime. You know all those times you check your work emails at night or draft up a proposal on the train into the office? Yeah, you should probably be paid for that.

young woman in paris

Thanks to a new employment law passed by French officials, Parisians don鈥檛 have to worry about this for much longer. Long known as the country that started the amazing 35-hour work week, the French government just passed a new piece of legislature that will essentially give employees the right to NOT answer work emails after hours.

Touted as the 鈥right to disconnect,鈥 this new law will force organizations with more than 50 employees to negotiate their workers鈥 rights to unplug from their work responsibilities聽after hours. If a negotiation isn鈥檛 met, the company聽will have to publish a charter detailing what they聽expect of their employees after hours 鈥 AKA, you鈥檒l know if you鈥檙e expected to give up your weekends before you get hired. Although there seems to be no disciplinary measures in place for companies who fail to comply with the law, we can鈥檛 help but see this as a win.

Now, if only our US officials could hurry up and put this into law鈥 merci!

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