When it comes to Pixar movies, there’s no shortage of fan theories. The company basically admitted earlier this year that the “unified universe theory” is correct (one that shows all Pixar movies happening within the same universe at different times in its history), but with the release of Cars 3 this month, another Pixar fan theory is gaining new ground, and for many fans, this one is a “conspiracy” theory.

This latest theory is a little bit more dark than what we’re used to in the Pixar universe, having first been proposed after the release of the Cars franchise movie Planes. In the direct-to-DVD movie we meet a World War II jeep named “Sarge.” This character talks at length about actual WWII events including The Battle of the Bulge, leading some to believe that in the Cars universe, wars have happened, and that in fact, they had their own, nearly identical version of our wars in their universe.

Wait, what?

Fans believe that the Cars universe is so like ours that they have had their own violence, down to the villains and heroes of World War II, adding that if there is a Cars WWII, there must have been a 9/11, and every other human disaster replicated in this animated universe. Talk about a dark path. While the origins of this theory are spotty, many are pointing to sites like Reddit and 4Chan.

While it’s doubtful that Pixar will cosign this fan theory due to how bleak it is, it’s always interesting to see how others pick up on the subtle pieces of the scripts and use them in new ways.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)