In the wake of Tuesday night’s election, we’ve definitely seen some not-so-awesome things, like these scary words and acts of hate, but we’ve also seen some pretty cool things to come out of our collective fear of the unknown, like this fashion house’s generous gesture and Miley Cyrus’s hopeful revolution.


Now, another seriously awesome act of positivity is giving us reason to smile.

An NYC resident named Matthew “Levee” Chavez has started a movement he’s calling Subway Therapy, which is essentially a giant Post-It board for those with thoughts and ideas to get off their chest to get them out. And that’s not all: Though Matthew provides subway riders with pens and Post-Its at scheduled days/times, he’s also on hand to be an ear to those without someone to turn to with their heavier thoughts or feelings (or even just those that need a little EXTRA support RN).


“Subway Therapy is about making people smile, laugh, and feel less stress,” Matthew’s Website reads. “If someone wants to get something off their chest or has a burning question, I’m happy to be there for them. I believe that people grow and learn through dynamic conversation.”

So how did people react? Some took the wall as a joke, writing things like “Not the father,” or “Harambe 2020” and others used it as a space to vent (“F*ck Donald Trump!”), but most were incredibly inspiring and uplifting.

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“Negative is no way to live!” one said, as another echoed the sentiments with “Don’t let them break you. Stay strong and channel your anger into POSITIVITY.”

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The wall. I ❤️ NYC. #subwaytherapy

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We happen to think it’s brilliant: As Matthew says it best himself, “When people are overflowing with emotion, help channel their energy into something good.”

If you’re in the NYC area and want to check it out, you can find upcoming dates here.

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