Even though summer is officially over and everybody is freaking out about fall, we can鈥檛 get our minds out of聽warm weather mode. All we want is to spend a day swimming at the beach, and our tech seems to be with us on that.

A new video uploaded to YouTube shows exactly how waterproof the new Apple Watch Series 2 is聽鈥 a feature we鈥檝e been dying to see in action since the Apple Keynote earlier this month.聽Using its speakers, the Apple Watch uses sound waves to push water out of the two large holes on its side. And in slow motion, it鈥檚 pretty mesmerizing.聽(Let鈥檚 just say we watched this clip way more than once.)


In addition to the super high-tech water expulsion speakers, the Apple Watch Series 2 has stronger adhesive and additional parts inside to keep it working up to 50 meters (165 feet) underwater. And so far in tests, the Apple Watch seems to be living up to its 鈥渟wimproof鈥 tagline.

Now, if you鈥檒l excuse us, we think we hear the beach calling鈥

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac; photo via Apple)