Adding your own unique style to your home design is always fun, as is using your design skills to dress up your desk. It’s always fun to use your own taste and creativity to add a little something extra to your already fab fashion. You can even use your snazzy skills to create food that is as eye-pleasing as it is tasty, but what about your drinks? For the LaCroix lovers out there, you can now design your very own can of your fave fizzy drink.

Make My LaCroix

Make My LaCroix is a simple and totally straightforward website (we *think* from the same peeps who created the Stranger Things title generator) that gives you the chance to design your own version of number one canned sparkling water brand. Careful to say that they’re not actually affiliated with LaCroix, whoever is behind the website claims, “we just like to treat ourselves.” We hear ya!

The site gives you the full spectrum of colors so that you can choose the can’s main color as well as the details, after which you merely need to give it a matching name before you’ve fulfilled your drink-lovin’ dreams. Too bad you can’t actually get it IRL.

Make My LaCroix

Check out the gallery showing off what other folks have created, both the designs and the names. Warning: Some are weird, some are whacky and some are totally awesome.

Once you make your own LaCroix can, be sure to show us your design by tagging us @britandco!

(photos via Make Your Own LaCroix, LaCroix)