When it comes to holiday parties, it should come as no surprise that we pull out all the stops for the crew here at Brit HQ. From a beautifully catered meal to the most epic white elephant exchange ever, we definitely did it right this year. And guess what? It was like seeing the BritList come to life, so we couldn’t resist sharing some behind the scenes action with you, including the silliest gifts we’ve ever seen under a tree.

First up, let’s set the scene. We transformed Brit + Co SF into a full on party space, complete with a long enough table to seat… 42 people! How did this team get so freakin’ huge? I suppose the +1s helped ;)

Brit manned the mic and kicked off a white elephant (or dirty santa) gift exchange, followed by a whole bunch of surprise gifts for the team. Now, let’s check out those gifts!

I’m So Excited T-Shirt: Straight from our ’90s gift guide, this t-shirt was definitely fought over more than once. Oh Jesse Spano, you really dig deep.

Cards Against Humanity: This already-a-cult-classic game is basically a horribly offensive version of Apples to Apples, and we love it.

Totally Weird Horse Head Costumes: These were my contribution to the white elephant scene, and it should be no surprise that they ended up coming home with me.

Flamingo Beer Funnel: Who knew beer funnels came in such creative shapes?

Coffee Mug: This may have been the most fought over present at the party—guess it rings true? Eeek.

Giant Santa Sweater: And onto the second most fought over present at the party. It’s a gigantic Santa sweater, and everyone wants a piece.

Floating Target Shooting Set: For your inner hunter, a floating target shooting set is quite the coveted prize.

Smirnoff Ice Neon Light: We know it’s hard to see in black and white but this is a Smirnoff Ice bottle that has been turned into a battery-powered neon light. Thank you, Etsy, for existing!

Smirnoff Ice: And naturally, someone had to get iced… because icing is a trend that will never, ever go away at Brit HQ.

Hoodie Pillow: Snuggle up with this ridiculous travel pillow that comes with a hood.

DIY Selfie Photobooth Kit: And the award for most creative present goes to this selfie photobooth kit, complete with a remote that syncs with your smartphone’s camera.

Lip Flask + Flask Tie: Two flasks are obviously better than one, but maybe these two should switch?

Bacon Candy Canes: And finally, the ideal present for one of our resident vegetarians.

All in all, the Brit + Co. team definitely brought it this year!

See more behind the scenes action in our Facebook album! Now, go enjoy your holiday break.

Happy holidays from Brit + Co!