We all know that handbags can become kind of a black hole for your stuff. Can you count all the times you’ve rummaged through your bag trying to track down your headphones? We didn’t think so. And let’s not even talk about the tangled mess your earbuds are in when you finally do find ’em. You often end up spending more time trying to locate and de-tangle your headphones than listening to that new Ryan Adams interpretation of Taylor Swift. And sure, you could get some bulky headphones to wear around your neck to solve this issue, but they’re just that — bulky.


The brilliant Aniyia Williams behind new tech startup Tinsel agrees. This ultimate #girlboss has created a gorgeous piece of jewelry/tech called the Dipper Audio Necklace that is a bold statement necklace and headphones in one. YAAAAS. Their product has already reached $39,673 of their $50,000 goal on Indiegogo and still has 14 days ’til the deadline. Aniyia was the Head of Marketing at Voxer, a telecommunications startup, and is a current board member at Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco — so she definitely knows the biz.


The necklace looks like a chic, on-trend chevron statement piece but has a hidden high-tech surprise. You just lift and separate the chevrons to reveal the earbuds + audio jack. When you want to keep your earbuds untangled and out of the way, just stow them back inside the pendant. The headphones themselves deliver “high-quality sound that rivals other audio brands.” Sounds good to us! Literally — our Editorial Director got a chance to test them out at Brit HQ and not only did they go great with her outfit, but the convenience factor was high. The headphones come in gold or gunmetal and feature a built-in mic and a volume control remote so you could use them as a much more stylish sub for your current iPhone buds.

Aniyia saw a noticeable hole in the world of consumer audio electronics when she founded Tinsel. “Starting Tinsel really began with me trying to solve a problem. I was tired of having to dig around in my bag for my headphones, untangling them, losing them, having them get worn out and realizing that I really wished I could just wear them on my body, ” Aniyia says, “However, I didn’t want them to look like headphones.” The Dipper Audio Necklace is definitely the perfect marriage of form and function. Their mission, after all, is to make “tech essentials into fashion accessories that women love to wear and never want to take off.”

To that, we say mission accomplished.

Check out their video below!

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(Photos via Tinsel)