Just like us, we’re gonna assume you’re a Taylor Swift fangirl. So when the “Bad Blood” singer decided to take her music off of Spotify last year, we knew it would be a real struggle to be out and about without easy access to T.Swift’s entire discography (and we were right — sometimes a walk through the city requires a little “Shake It Off” action). Luckily, today brought a loophole to the Great Taylor Swift Spotify Conundrum by way of singer Ryan Adams, who just released a digital cover version of T.Swift’s 1989 album. And — drumroll please — it’s available on Spotify.

ryan adams 1989

The Ryan Adams version of the album reinterprets 13 tracks into intimate, acoustic guitar heavy versions of the iconic pop smashes (sorry “New Romantics,” “Wonderland,” and “You Are in Love,” but you didn’t make the cut 3). We have to say, Ryan serves up a nice alternative for those who want to listen + lip along to TayTay’s lyrics minus the pop influence.

Taylor, who also happens to be the most followed person on Instagram, clearly is a fan of Ryan Adams’ take on her “first proper pop album.” Not only has she been tweeting up a storm leading up to the album’s digital release, but she’s also been retweeting fans’ adoration for the acoustic take on 1989 all morning. Makes sense: She surely will be raking in some extra cash through the sales of this album, they are her lyrics after all ;)

So moral of the story, if you haven’t figured out how to connect your purchased T.Swift discography to your Spotify account’s local library, you now have a way to listen to “Blank Space” + co on the streaming service. And with that, I’ll TTYL because I’m going to curl up in bed (or at least a couch at the office), chill and listen to some Ryan Adams 1989.

Which Ryan Adams “1989” song(s) are you most into? Do you prefer this album over Taylor’s? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @misterryanadams + Christopher Polk/Getty)