The tiny home revolution has swept across the nation in a not-so-tiny way, with everything from TV shows and adorable Airbnbs to modern takes on the classic Airstream. Last week in our Tiny Spaces video series, we took you to The Big Apple for a tour of a super chic 400-foot studio in Manhattan. Next up, we’re heading to the woods of Hampton, New Hampshire to get a few lessons in tiny living from couple Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder. Built by hand, their caravan is perfect for their wanderlusting hearts and even has room for their adorable pet bunny, Cosmos. Check out Chloe and Brandon’s tiny home in the woods, and tune in next Tuesday for a minimalist Brooklyn apartment full of transforming furniture that you *won’t* want to miss.


Chloe and Brandon’s caravan is made out of 90 percent recycled materials, most of which came from the flea market and their friends and family. This gives everything in their home a sweet little story that they can talk about for years to come. The pulley system they use to hoist their expandable roof even has a little flea-market flair!


One of their favorite parts of the tiny home is the gilded hand-painted ceiling they collaborated on together. Brandon traced the lines and Chloe spent a day like Michaelangelo painting a cool blue and gold trellis-like pattern. This feature really brings the eye up and makes the small space feel that much bigger.


Even though their traveling home is tiny, Chloe and Brandon still found space for their pet bunny, Cosmos. Their step-down kitchen left the perfect little hideaway home for their furry friend.


Whether you are looking to build your own tiny home someday or just want to see how Chloe and Brandon managed to use mostly recycled materials, the video below will inspire you to start planning your tiny home travel dreams.

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