Flowers are blooming and temperatures are rising which means one thing — spring has arrived! Here at Brit + Co we are all excited about shedding our bundled-up layers and inviting both the warm sun and our friends into our homes. That’s why this morning I went back to the TODAY Show to share different ways to get ready for spring entertaining while staying on trend and under budget. Here are some great ideas for hosting a spring soiree this season:

Home Decor: BUY or DIY

1. Painted ceramics: Spring 2017 is all about adding a hand-painted touch to decor items. This includes a wide variety of techniques like soft watercolor strokes, chunky painterly strokes, or even speckles. While it IS possible to DIY this look, I always question eating off of anything that has been painted. So to me, this trend is one that you will want to buy. Anthropologie and Etsy are great retailers to pick up matching place settings adorned with this painted trend.

2. Linkable balloons: I’m not sure about you, but I never thought “balloon innovation” would be a thing. These balloons have tails on both ends which allow you to tie them together to create a chain — so cute! They are the perfect solution to make a garland or arch that would normally cost you a fortune. Use them to decorate a wall, table or mantle. This one can go on your buy AND your DIY list. (via Oh Happy Day)

3. Macrame planter: One of my favorite tricks for sprucing up a room before entertaining is to introduce as many plants as possible. This spring we are seeing so many creative ways to display greenery. One that tops our list is a macrame planter which is totally DIYable. All you need are strips of fabric or rope which you’ll tie into a net of knots. Then just add your potted plant and a ceiling hook! If you want the easiest way to get this project done, just head over to Target to pick up our Make a Macrame Planter Kit. Everything is included!

Desserts: Buy or DIY

Now that we’ve covered ways to spruce up your home for spring entertaining, let’s talk about tasty ways to feed your guests!

1. Pumped up popcorn: One of Pinterest’s top food trends for spring is popcorn that packs an extra punch. What we love most about this treat is that it is quick, easy, cheap and can feed a bunch of guests. There are popcorn recipes to satisfy all palates — savory, sweet, and chocolatey. Some of our favorites are pizza popcorn, churro popcorn, and s’more peanut butter popcorn. Are you hungry just reading this? Yum.

2. Wallpaper cake: Not only are patterns all over clothing this spring, but they’re also all over dessert! These beautiful baked goods can be purchased from any baker that specializes in edible printing. We bought wallpaper cakes from local New York City baker Stephanie Nass (aka Chefanie), the owner of Chefanie Sheets. Stephanie’s sheets are shelf-stable, vegan, gluten-free, kosher papers that can be applied onto cakes or other desserts to turn them into patterned masterpieces. Even though we bought this dessert, it is also DIYable! Chefanie can print custom designs on sheets for you starting at $15, and then with the provided instructions, you can apply them to a frosted cake yourself.

3. Donut cake: From donut walls to donut hair buns, donuts have clearly been on everyone’s mind for the past few seasons. Now they are taking over the whole dessert realm. Let me introduce you to the donut cake. This may be confusing — it’s not a donut; it’s a cake disguised as a donut! The secret to this cake is the cylindrical pan which you can buy from Amazon. To finish off the cake, glaze the top half with vanilla or chocolate icing and spread extra large fondant sprinkles over the icing. (via Aww Sam)

What types of decor or dessert ideas are on your mind for spring? Share your favorite spring trend ideas with us on Instagram using the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative.