If you thought you’d seen it all with the vegan donuts, inception donuts, and donut wall trends dominating Instagram, prepare to meet your newest donut obsession. Giant donut cakes are a hybrid of EPIC proportions — literally! Everyone’s obsession with fried dough is off to a whole ‘nother level now. If you *must* capture your own, using your best and brightest filter, here’s a giant donut cake tutorial that makes this DIY easy-peasy. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the 14 most outrageous donut cakes that are racking up Likes.

1. #CakePorn: This giant wheel of deliciousness, covered in pink glaze and sprinkles, just screams FUN, FUN, FUN. Bring one of these to your next office birthday PAR-TAY and you’ll be everyone’s BFF.

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Sammi's 4th birthday cake. #joyfullysweet #donutcake

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2. Little Kid Birthday: Forget the sheet cakes with the sad, inedible action figures. This giant monstrosity will have donut-lovers young and old goggle-eyed with glee.

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3. Big Kid Birthday: Is a milestone birthday a good thing or a bad thing? It doesn’t really matter, because a GIANT chocolate donut cake just makes everything even better.

4. Thanks, Dad: This is for all those times he made the early morning donut run before you were even awake yet. And remembered your fave flavor.

5. Funfetti Fun: Donut + cake + funfetti = triple hybrid. One bite of this baby, and you’ll all be in donut heaven.

6. Office-er Party: This is THE workplace celebration everyone will be talking about. Fire up the Keurig!

7. Put a Ring on It: Nothing says I love you like a GIANT ring of tastiness with emoji heart eyes. Bookmark this idea for Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day.

8. Wedding Day: Bride’s cake or groom’s cake? I’ll have one of each, puh-lease!

9. Fueled by Frosting: A giant dose of sugar is just what everyone needs to power through the week, amiright? It’s SOOOO nice to share.

10. Coffee Break: This giant lemon meringue donut cake will perk up everyone’s day — and their taste buds. That sweet-tart combo gets them every time.

11. Rockin’ the Reese’s: It was only a matter of time before some enterprising foodie took everyone’s fave chocolate-and-peanut-butter candy and turned it into a giant donut cake. Food innovation for the win!

12. Triple Threat: Do you call them sprinkles or jimmies? Who cares, just gimme more.

13. Unicorns IRL: Just when you thought this trend couldn’t get any more magical… here come the unicorns. Are we living in a Lisa Frank animation?

14. Triple Crown Hybrid: A whimsical cake makes everyone’s fairytale dreams come true. If yours features pastel colors, edible glitter, and adorable critter faces, it’s pretty much a win-win-win.

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