When it comes to morning rituals, the word “ritual” really hits the nail on the head. It’s something you do every day, it’s almost meditative and if it doesn’t happen (gasp!), it can make or break your day. There are not many other parts of life where we stick so adamantly to our habits, but for those of us who hit snooze EVERY SINGLE MORNING, a day without that additional 10 minutes under the covers really makes a difference.


We love hearing about morning rituals (especially rituals that boost creativity), which is why today we’ve teamed up with Folgers® Coffee to chat with five #Girlbosses about their morning rituals. From morning workouts to coffee with just the right amount of milk to that must-hear morning song, we’re excited to share their morning-time protocol with you. Read on for the scoop.

Alexis Monson, Founder of Punkpost


Alexis is the founder of Punkpost, a community of writers, artists and designers that create and send handwritten notes. They are bringing back this form of communication and making it fun again!

Tell us about your morning ritual. What does it entail?

“Besides running with my dog, it involves a big bowl of old-fashion oatmeal and fruit (otherwise I get HANGRY by like 11am) and a cup of coffee. I write a few Punkpost cards, then quickly tidy up my place and do the normal getting ready stuff (shower, makeup, put on grownup people clothes).”


Do you have a coffee ritual every morning? If so, what is it like?

“Um, yes. And it’s elaborate… or so our house guests always tell me. I boil water, hand grind beans and use an aeropress for every cup. I started my coffee ritual when I started camping a lot. I kind of loved how ridiculously long it takes to make breakfast over a campfire, so I think that’s the reason I try to mimic the way I make coffee when I’m sitting in the dirt… only in my SF apartment.”

Any morning game-changers?

“My morning routine is pretty slow (which is why I need to get up early). So there’s no real time-saving tips in there. It’s kind of the only part of the day where I feel at peace, so I take advantage of that. But an important element is listening to super low-key records while making breakfast. Mississippi John Hurt, Ella Fitzgerald + Louie Armstrong and Bob Dylan are regulars in my morning music rotation.”


Any beauty hacks?

“CUT OFF ALL OF YOUR HAIR. Pixie cuts are kind of the bomb. You only have to wash your hair like once or twice a week (water-saving tip too. WIN!), and you just rub some hair product through it in the morning and you’re done. I literally spend like less than a minute on it every morning.”

What can you *not* live without every morning? Any indulgences?

“ALL OF IT. I’m kind of an all-or-nothing person. So I’m kind of unwilling to give any of this routine up. But if I had to pick one thing… oh God, I hate picking one thing! I’d probably have to pick coffee, because I’m just a bear without it. (The addiction is real). The only thing I really indulge in in the morning is the time. I try to keep pretty healthy otherwise, since there are plenty of temptations to indulge in during the rest of the day.”

Anjelika Temple, Executive Creative Director at Brit + Co


Anjelika is the Executive Creative Director and first employee at Brit + Co. Her endless abundance of creative and innovative ideas has brought beauty to the B+C brand like no one else could.

What time do you usually wake up?


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

“I give my husband a kiss! Then I turn on the shower and do a quick phone check while the water heats up.”


What is your favorite morning ritual? What helps you get up on the right side of the bed?

“I LOVE hitting the snooze button. I know a lot of highly effective people are against it, but having that extra 10 minutes of rest really helps me start my day. Sometimes I use the time to just lie there and map out the day. My husband and I also have a rule against phone use in bed. Starting the day immediately on screen tends to put us in a stressed-out work mode right away, which isn’t productive for anyone!”


What do you usually have for breakfast? Do you eat it at home or work?

“Uh oh, I’m going to get in trouble here. I don’t always eat breakfast, and I should! When I do make time for it, I eat it at work and typically have either a bagel with cream cheese and tomato or a granola bar. I also generally have one cup of coffee, and I love adding Folgers Flavors® Coffee Enhancers, especially the vanilla flavor.”

Any morning game-changers?

“Choosing my outfit the night before is a major game-changer. I used to waste tons of time pulling clothes out of my closet each morning, making a big mess and ending up wearing something I only feel so-so about. Now I try to plan my outfit the night before, and my mornings are way less scattered.”

Sarah Jones, Founder of Miss Jones Baking Co.


Sarah Jones is the founder and CEO of Miss Jones Baking Co., a viral brand that produces and sells the first-ever organic, ready-to-use cake mixes and frostings.

Tell us about your usual morning ritual. What does it entail?

“Wake up, drink coffee, answer emails, drink more coffee, shower, get ready, start the day!”


What can you *not* live without every morning? Any indulgences?

“Brownies. JK… but not really. There is always a lot of recipe testing happening at our house. Other than that, it’s coffee.”

What are your thoughts on phone-in-bed etiquette?

“I’ve given up on trying to put my phone down before bed. Often it’s the only time I have during the day to catch up on news and social media.”


What’s your relationship with the snooze button?

“I don’t allow myself to have a relationship with the snooze button. Once you hit it, you can’t quit it.”

How do you prepare for the extra-crazy work days? What part of your morning ritual do you NOT sacrifice?

“I *try* to get a workout in almost every day. It helps keep me positive and motivated during those extra-crazy days.”

Francesca Bean, Marketing Manager at Brit + Co


Francesca is one of the OG senior staff members at Brit + Co — and one of the youngest, too. She’s the resident social media pro here at HQ and manages our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

“Brush my teeth. (Isn’t that what everyone does when they first wake up?)”

Tell us about your usual morning ritual. What does it entail?

“I wake up at 5:30am every morning, throw on workout clothes and head to a 6am yoga class. After yoga, I go home to shower, check emails/Slack, scan the morning news, B+C social channels and eat breakfast. I try to leave for work by 8am.”

What can you *not* live without every morning? Any indulgences?

“Coffee. The good stuff. No decaf.”


What is your favorite morning ritual? What helps you get up on the right side of the bed?

“Yoga, yoga, yoga. A little namaste goes a long way.”

Any morning game-changers?

“Multitasking is key for a quick morning. I actually blow dry my hair while I read emails *and* eat breakfast. I try to meal prep when I can, too. I’ll hard boil a big batch of eggs before the week starts or whip up a few jars of overnight oats.”


How do you prepare for the extra-crazy work days? What part of your morning ritual do you NOT sacrifice?

“I never sacrifice my early morning workouts. When I’m stressed to the max, exercise is the one thing that keeps me sane and centered. It also helps me start each day with a positive mindset.”

Emily Smith, President and GM of Media at Brit + Co


Emily is the President and GM of Media at Brit + Co, former VP at Disney, *and* a mother of three. Her accolades here include overseeing B+C’s Snapchat Discover Channel and helping us TRIPLE our video viewership.

What time do you usually wake up?


Tell us about your usual morning ritual. What does it entail?

“I try to work out most mornings before the kids get up. After a run, I’ll head straight to the kitchen to brew some coffee, then try and work in some planks and a few sets of lunges, push-ups, etc. By 6:15 I’m back in the kitchen to get the kids’ lunches started. I wake everybody up at 6:45 and the chaos begins! Showers, breakfasts, squabbling, permission slips, backpacks, jackets and we are off to the car. I drop three kids off at school (hugs, kisses) and head to work. If my husband and I need to coordinate, we’ll often talk on speaker phone as I’m driving away from school and off to BART.”


Do you have a coffee ritual every AM? If so, what is it like?

“Definitely. Two strong cups of black Folgers Classic Roast® Coffee before I leave the house. I love having that first cup when the house is dark and quiet and peaceful.”

What do you usually have for breakfast? Do you eat it at home or work?

“Plain yogurt with cut-up apples and homemade granola. Pretty much every day. I eat while I am in my bathroom getting ready for work. I never have time to sit down.”


Do you think mornings affect the rest of the day? Why or why not?

“I always have a better day when I have gotten up early and had some time to myself. Some early mornings I will convince myself that I need sleep more than I need exercise — but that is a lie! I’m always happier and more energetic (and, I think, smarter!) on days when I work out early.”

Thanks for sharing, ladies!

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Author: Roxy Taghavian
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