While ’90s kids like us may have graduated from gel pen and Five-Star Notebook to stylus and tablet, the need to organize our note-taking supplies hasn’t gone out of style. And neither has our love for the three-ring binder that made us tidy tweens in the first place: The one and only Trapper Keeper. So of course our nostalgic hearts melted when we heard the news that Mead, the makers of the OG carryall and tech accessory brand Kensington partnered up to bring the Trapper Keeper into the digital age as a universal tablet case.

The bulky binder is reimagined as a soft, lightweight + super sleek case for your 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch or 10-inch tablets. Each is outfitted with features you’ve come to expect from a modern tablet case, like a microfiber-lined inside cover and a magnetic flap that keeps the folio secure. But the real selling point is that these new-school cases come in a handful of #fbf-worthy designs, from a retro Pee-Chee portfolio to the iconic crackle of a Composition Notebook. You can pre-order the Trapper Keeper tablet cases for between $25-$30, which will start shipping this September — though we’ll be holding out for the (hopefully impending, fingers-crossed, wish-upon-a-star) Lisa Frank collab.

Are these Trapper Keeper cases number one on your must-buy list? What other old school items do you want to see make a comeback? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Fast Co. Design)