Editor’s Note: This post was originally part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. And because we think the ’90s are all that (and a bag of chips), we decided to update it for all you present-day readers. Keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

Sure you’ve been sporting your very favorite organizational item since the ‘80s (maybe even the ‘70s if you were really ahead of your time), but everybody’s beloved Velcro-sealed, three-ring binders are still up for grabs on Etsy and Ebay today. And if it’s the ’90s variety you’re after, put the Garbage Pail Kids collection aside and look at all the Lisa Frank and Sonic the Hedgehog goodness that’s out there, just waiting for you.

1. Pinwheel Spaniels ($100): Don’t be bugg’n at the price. These colorful pups are hard to come by.

2. Beach Scene ($40): It looks like the opening credits of Saved by the Bell, but if you have this, you’re never going to get to say “’cause my dog ate all my homework last night” ever again.

3. Caveman Dinosaurs: You had to get to Kmart early in the season back in the day if you wanted to get your hands on this one. It was flying off the shelves. (via Etsy)

4. Bannanagins Monkeys ($100): Sorry! Another Lisa Frank find. She’s basically the queen of cool Trapper Keepers.

5. Kittens: BECAUSE THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH KITTENS IN THE WORLD — no matter what Bob Barker says. (via Mew Mew Munchy Toe)

6. Paint Splatter: What is it about splattered paint that was just sooooo cool?!?! (via Etsy)

7. Miss Galaxy Aliens ($200): It’s basically the dopest design out there. We could never have enough alien-adorned things.

8. Designer Series: Booyah, far out and schwing. (via Etsy)

9. Science Things ($35): We’re not sure what kind of nuclear fission is happening on the cover of this TK, but we’re all about the folders that come inside of it.

10. Cats, Sneakers + Bubbles ($300): This particular cover art holds a very special place in this writer’s heart. It’s was definitely sitting in my JanSport at one point in time.

11. Sonic the Hedgehog ($29): You get all the Chaos Diamonds for being the coolest kid in school.

12. Heart Designer Series: Alright, admittedly this is giving off some pretty heavy 1988 Cocktail vibes, but we are totally all about the Designers Series. (via Etsy)

13. 3D Graphic Art ($50): We probably don’t even have to tell you… this is another from the Designer Series. They’re just so good!

14. Cute Dalmatian Dog ($15): As much as we loved Kurt Cobain and wearing our flannels, sometimes you just could not say no to a cute dalmatian puppy howling out onto a full moon.

15. Rad Dog ($20): Also one of our favorite collections was the Rad Dog series. We’re guessing that it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa and Brian Austin Green-approved.

Which Trapper Keeper did you sport in grade school? Talk to us in the comments below!