Every year, the holidays come and go, and then we realize: Ugh, we’ve still got months of winter left. It doesn’t take long before you stop wishing for a winter wonderland and start wishing you could leave the house without wrapping yourself in 10 layers of clothing. But you know who’s not stuck nursing their seasonal affective disorder? Travel vloggers. And while we’re still figuring out how they maintain their lifestyles, they do offer some serious travel daydream fodder. We can almost imagine ourselves with an in-flight cocktail, on our way to warm, blue waters on a little island somewhere… sigh. Here are some of the accounts we’re binge viewing right now.

1. Sailing La Vagabonde: Tune in to watch an Australian couple that lives on their yacht and has intentions of circumnavigating the globe. Although you’ll definitely be envious of their insanely fresh seafood meals (they often dive for their dinner), what’s really awesome about this couple is they don’t make the boating life out to be all roses — one of their most recent videos goes into detail about how their anchor was knocked out on a windy day and they had to be rescued by the coast guard after being dragged out to sea.

2. Hey Nadine: A mix of travel-related advice and vlogs from her adventures, Hey Nadine is kind of like a movie version of all those covetable travel Instagrams we can’t help but drool over. Included in her videos are history, food, and tourist destinations. She loves a slow-pan over a gorgeous landscape, and her videos have the production value to make you almost feel like you’re there.

3. The Blonde Abroad: California native Kiersten travels the globe seeking out the most interesting places and capturing spectacular footage. Her vlogs are primarily video footage and don’t include much narration. Many of her trips focus on the natural world, like exploring the islands of Hawaii or an eco-tourism trip to the Galapagos Islands.

4. The Bucket List Family: Ever dreamed of taking your kids around the world? The Bucket List Family will be your jam. In 2015 they sold their home and all their possessions in order to travel the world, all in the name of adventure, culture, and service. With two kids under five and another on the way, this family will make you consider whether your excuses for not seeing the world are valid.

5. Kara and Nate: Kara and Nate are a couple with the goal of visiting 100 countries by 2019. They’re currently 66 countries in. They’ve made wine in Italy, eaten octopus in Seoul, and fished for piranhas in the Amazon — and the fun isn’t even close to over. They also publish a “Travel Hustle” blog on their website, interviewing other full-time travelers about how they afford travel and detailing their income and expenses every quarter.

6. Nia the Light: Nia the Light’s vlogs are in more of a “daily vlog” format. She knows that people are there for her personality as much as the incredible places she’s visiting. She tends to show every detail of her trips, from the room she’s staying in to her walks to the market. And with incredible trips to Zimbabwe, Milan, Guadalupe, and Bali, who can blame her?

7. Oneika the Traveller: Canadian Oneika has been to Russia, Germany, and Qatar in the last year and doesn’t have any plans to slow down. She delves into the history and languages of the cultures she visits and what it means to be a black woman traveling to foreign countries, plus fun topics like how to date when you’re traveling abroad.

8. Samuel and Audrey: Samuel and Audrey create go-to guides for food and tourist destinations for many of the locations they visit. If you’re addicted to network travel shows, their videos have a similar vibe and are a satisfying way to learn about cool places (they’ve visited Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria in the last month alone) in a short, succinct format.

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