We are so into these vibrant bikinis. (Why oh why isn’t it summer yet?) As if the eye-catching colors weren’t enough to make us all swoon, there’s also a great story behind the company. It all started like this: Two Aussies, Craig Ellis and Erin Deering, were on their second date on the beach. Erin, in need of a bathing suit, went on the hunt, but couldn’t find anything quality for an affordable price. (We have so been there.) That’s when former designer Craig and aspiring designer Erin decided it was time to take matters into their own hands and change swimwear for ladies far and wide with their new brand Triangl.

triangl 5

Well, mission accomplished, because fashionistas worldwide are lining up for these perfectly stitched suits, and we are no exception.

triangl 6

And considering that there’s a love story involved too? We’re already placing our online orders.


These bright and bold suits, priced between $79-$89, are worth the investment. They’re made primarily from neoprene, which holds its shape and stays put in the water better than other materials. And nothing is compromised in the style department — in case you hadn’t already noticed.

triangl 4

Need to know more about the couple? We don’t blame you! Read more on Pages Digital. Rather just get right to ordering your bikini? We figured. Check out the official Triangl website to place your order.


Which one do you think you’ll buy? Let us know your favorite suit in the comments below.