From the Super Bowl to the FA cup to gazing at AT&T Park every day, we’ve got sports on the brain here at Brit HQ. That’s why, for this week’s tech roundup, we’ve collected 17 apps and gadgets sure to make you feel like Sporty Spice. And yes, we’re more than happy to reference the Spice Girls in an article about sports. ;)


SkyDroid Golf GPS: Ready to geek out at the golf course? SkyDroid, available for iPhones and Androids, shows you the distance to every green on the course you’re playing on, and can also find you the nearest golf course wherever you are!

Baseball Speed: This app really hits it out of the park, har har har. Because most of us don’t have access to a radar gun, Baseball Speed measures pitch speed based on distance, and can be customized to measure speeds specifically for Little League, Major League, Softball and more.

Liftopia: Bringing you snow reports, mountain conditions, and up to 80% off lift tickets, Liftopia is a snow bunny’s dream. Bonus points if you happen to be wearing a ninja suit.

WatchESPN by ESPN: Need your sports on the go? Fear not, good old ESPN is here! With live streaming from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU, super fans of all sports can keep track of every game, as long as you’ve got an iPhone or Android.

Madden NFL 12: That’s right, the Madden of your video game days is back and ready to see your 2 minute drive. Start up your iPhone or Android and bring your A game.

FlickKick Field Goal Kickoff: You’re convinced that you’re a better field goal kicker than most of the bros in the NFL. Time to prove it on this handheld pressure cooker. Available for iPhone and Android.

NBA Clocks: Do you dream all day about sports? (Yes, we’re making a 90s Korn reference.) Wake up to your favorite team’s ringtone and display, and get the latest NBA headlines before you start your day.

ESPN ScoreCenter: If streaming the game renders you on the rude side at your business meeting, keep track of your team with numbers. With real-time scoring info for pretty much every sport, ESPN ScoreCenter (for iPhone and Android) is every superfan’s go to.


Nike Fuelband: Tracking calories burned, steps stepped, and time actively spent, the Nike Fuelband truly makes life a sport and syncs with your smartphone. Set a goal every day and, through exercise, commuting to work, and impromptu dance parties, see yourself get fitter.

Lifeproof iPhone Case: In case you missed this one in our tech-ccessories roundup, the Lifeproof iPhone case is literally life proof. Come snow, sleet, hail, or mud, this case will protect your darling iPhone, and stylishly.

Optrix HD iPhone Action Sports Case: This case protects your iPhone from just about everything AND turns your phone into an HD action sports camera. It measures speed, as well as taking super crisp photos.

Dish Tailgater: Forget trying to make your home satellite dish work on your car. The dish tailgater is car-ready, weighs only 10 pounds, is weather resistant, and will find the perfect signal every time.

Prazza Golf Ball Finder: Sick of losing golf balls in the sand? The Prazza Golf Ball Finder will locate and lead you to your ball, no matter where it’s rolled off to.

GoPro: Another from our list of favorite tech-ccessories, the GoPro helmet cam lets you capture all of those incredible moments, whether you’re skiing, hiking or biking.

WaterFi iPod Shuffle: If struggling to remember the lyrics to that song from Rocky is the only musical part of your aquatic workout, meet the WaterFi iPod shuffle. It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…

Beertender: Is your house where it’s at for game day? Kick your party hosting prowess up a notch with the Beertender. An adorably punny gadget, this specifically suits a Heinken 5L Keg and keeps beer fresh for up to 30 days.

Slingbox: Another bit of tech for the sports fan on the go, the Slingbox allows you to watch live and recorded TV on your laptop or phone. Never miss a game!

How do you use apps and gadgets to keep up with your favorite sports games? Leave us a note below or find us on Twitter.