Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times and at the oddest places. Sometimes, it’s in the shower… scratch that, it’s always in the shower. But when your creative juices are flowing faster then the water falling from the shower head, it’s hard to remember it all while you’re exfoliating and conditioning. So here’s an idea-saving solution for you — a waterproof notebook.


Moleskine better watch out for this Kickstarter. TUFFNotes is made up of Yupo paper, which is durable, synthetic and both tree-free and acid-free. It’s 100% waterproof and won’t leave any stains on your pages. And, get this, because Yupo paper is not made of wood pulp, TUFFNotes’ pages don’t warp from moisture nor do they grow mildew or mold. So you can either bring your TUFFNotes into the shower with you or get one for on-the-go usage (never fear coffee spillage again).


The waterproof pages are bound together with a plastic spiral binding. The plastic binding is durable and won’t bend or tangle inside your purse or backpack. The cover is made from polyethylene, but if you’re feeling a little fancy, you can purchase the leather bound one for a little more dough. Do keep in mind that even though the leather is oil tanned instead (making it water repellant and possible to rub scratches out), any type of leather is less robust than polyethylene.


For all you whiteboard lovers, for $7 more, you can have 12 out of the 200 sheets turned into dry erase pages. Otherwise, you can pledge $25 for one regular TUFFNotesnotebook. The paper come in blank, ruled and dot grid along with the three colored cover options of black, gray and orange.

So go ahead, put on that thinking cap and get in the shower.

Where will you take your TUFFNotes? Let us know in the comments below!