Oily skin can be a gal’s worst nightmare. From the shine that shows up in photos to the gross feeling it creates, oily skin simply has to go. While we’ve heard of tons of crazy ideas and routines that we’re told are sure ways to rid our faces of it forever, sometimes we’re a little hesitant to step that far outside of the box. Here are the top 10 safe and simple ways to get rid of oily skin, so you can keep your healthful glow… without the shine.

1 Don’t Over Wash: The key to matte skin is maintaining a regular wash schedule. For some, twice a day works, for some just once is the way to do it — washing too much and washing too little can produce oil. Give both a try and make sure you take your makeup off before you wash. (via Marie Claire, image via WikiHow)

2. Use a Toner: While toners aren’t an absolute must in your skincare regimen, they’re incredibly helpful for clearing up oily skin and minimizing pores. (via Huffington Post, photo via WikiHow)

3. Cut Back on Moisturizer: Applying too much moisturizer is sure to give your face the shine you’re trying to avoid. If your skin isn’t dry, consider skipping moisturizer altogether once in a while. (via The Love Vitamin)

4. Exfoliate (But Don’t Over Exfoliate) Your Skin: Scrubbing dead, oily skin with an exfoliant a few times a week keeps your face looking healthy and natural — but make sure you’re not overdoing it or you could make your skin dry, sensitive or even give yourself broken blood vessels. (via Cosmopolitan)

5. Pull Your Hair Back: Hair contains all kinds of oils that can mess with your skin’s glow. Try pulling your back with ponytail, bun, or some bobby pins to keep it away from your face at night. (via How Stuff Works)

6. Salt Spray: Sea salt not only exfoliates your skin, but also helps to freshen it to reveal a brighter, softer complexion. Mix one tablespoon of salt with warm water in a spray bottle, mist over your face and then blot dry. (via Huffington Post, photo via Salt Sisters)

7. Lemon Juice: Citrus fruits are natural oil absorbers. Swiping a cotton swab dampened with lemon juice across your face can help prevent oily skin. Lemon juice also dries out unruly pimples in no time! (via Her Campus)

8. Blotting Papers: Keep a pack of blotting papers in every bag or purse for an on-the-go remedy. Makeup pros turn to them to banish oil without messing up makeup. (via Bella Sugar)

9. Pressed Powder: If you’re looking for a super quick fix, oil-free pressed powders are a great go-to. Apply one immediately after your moisturizer to maintain a soft, matte complexion. (via Her Campus, photo via Sugar Spice and All Dat’s Nice)

10. Eat More Fruits + Veggies: Unhealthy eating is a major cause of oily skin. Reducing your intake of sugar, trans fats and saturated fats, and packing you diet with more fruits and veggies, can keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. (via Elle, photo via Reveal Great Skin)

Do you know of any other fab oily skin remedies? Share them with us in the comments below!