We鈥檒l be the first to admit that our love for pink runs deep, and we adore this pretty hue in everything from fashion to food to hair color. But it鈥檚 not always the easiest color to design with 鈥 one detail too many and the space starts to look like a Barbie Dreamhouse. (No offense, Barbie!) But when it鈥檚 done right, like in this incredible office makeover for Brooklyn-based creative agency twelveNYC, there鈥檚 no denying that it鈥檚 the chicest color around. Homepolish鈥檚 Tina Rich and Tali Roth struck the perfect balance between comfortable and ultra sophisticated for the firm鈥檚 office expansion 鈥 and threw in some fun touches too.

Swoony-worthy statement pieces, like these sculptural armchairs and an extra long banquette, set the tone for the space from the start. Gold sconces and industrial-cool tables give it a grounded, grown-up vibe.

The best way to balance out all that pink? Cooler tones, like deep greens and muted blues. And a surprising table option keeps things interesting, even in a conference room setting. 鈥淭he pill shape is so retro and super unexpected, but works perfectly with the other rounded elements in the space,鈥 Rich told Homepolish.

A tonal gallery wall is perfect for concepting twelveNYC鈥檚 next project, and spotlights make any arrangement feel like instant art. (Not a bad idea to steal for your own works-in-progress.)

鈥淢y favorite part of the design has to be the all-blue kitchen,鈥 Rich told us. 鈥淭ali and I wanted to create a space that was inspiring and fun for the twelveNYC team. They are a creative and talented bunch, and we wanted their space to reflect that.鈥

Pink-on-pink is looking pretty good to us!

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(Photos via Homepolish)