Our Re:Make Summit was full of inspiration, creativity, laughs and… dancing. Check out our 10 top moments of the day!


1. When Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso confessed to her love of mezcal. Given the choice between wine or beer, she chooses the smokey spirit because it turns out that giving up wine (and going through a divorce) can help you drop some pounds.


2. When Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo thanked us all for being creative. Because that’s why we’re all here. And she brought cookies!


3. When Brene Brown made us cry with all her words. Brene reminded us to get ourselves into the arena, even (and especially) if it means getting our asses kicked. She told everyone to take a one-inch by one-inch piece of paper and write down all the names of people whose opinion matters to you. If you need more room than that, you need to edit.


4. When Birchbox Co-Founder Katia Beauchamp praised the miracle that is dry shampoo. Katia said dry shampoo is fueling the feminist movement, and we all laughed and then collectively nodded in agreement.


5. When spontaneous dance parties just kept breaking out. Whether it was speaker-inspired (Justina and Brene both had dance breaks) or a Queen Bey flash mob, we welcomed the opportunity to get our groove on.


6. When Tyra Banks slayed like the boss she is. She told us it’s all about the side hustle and to follow our fire. She said her mascara, Smack My Fat Lash, came shortly after her infamous “Kiss my fat ass” reply to tabloids body shaming her. AND she revealed the secret of the catwalk (which Brad Goreski demonstrated, in high heels no less): “Don’t smile. Cross your legs over the other as you walk. Swing your arms naturally. Swing hips 25 percent more than natural. Keep in your mind that you are pissed and hate everyone in the room.” School. Is. In. Session.


7. When SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan gave us permission to disconnect. The spin class that has a cultlike following is the perfect 45-minute reason to get away from everything, soak in some positive energy and invest in yourself.


8. When Jungalow founder and boho queen Justina Blakeney said originality is overrated. Everyone is different, no two ideas are alike and authenticity is what you should be aiming for.


9. When Madilyn Bailey covered Sia and The Chainsmokers. This girl was fearless in her live performances and rocked the room.


10. When we celebrated young creatives. #IAMCREATIVE Foundation grants were given to Chicago-based social enterprise Community Startups, which helps students solve societal problems, and Texan printmaker Stacy Rodriguez, who plans to open a mobile print shop and art studio.

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