Model, entrepreneur and all-around badass, Tyra Banks, has been a #girlboss long before the term was even invented. From her legendary career dominating the catwalk to creating America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks is in a league all her own. So when she graced us with her glorious presence at Re:Make 2016, you better believe we were taking notes on how to channel just a little bit of her magic in our everyday lives. Whether she is teaching us how to build our personal brand or doling out tips on how to change careers, Tyra Banks is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Here are five things we learned from Queen T on how to rule the world.


1. Be Different: Tyra credits her “wacky and wild” runway style as the source of her early modeling success. From waving and smiling on the catwalk to perfecting her trademark “smize,” Tyra built her brand on of her over-the-top personality and it worked. Her advice to women looking to make a name for themselves in their industry — be different and think outside the box in order to get noticed. We can’t wait to see how Tyra Beauty, one of Tyra’s latest projects, will combine next-level products with a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

2. Think Strategically: It is no surprise that Tyra has had such an amazing and long lasting career in fashion and beauty. But that success was no accident — she planned it that way. Tyra stressed the value of thinking strategically about your career, saying no to offers when the project is not right and exiting on a high note as equally important to perfecting your talent. “Plan for the end at the beginning” and “Leave before the phone stops ringing” are Tyra quotes that are on our mental heavy rotation.

3. Build a Simmer Brand: Believe it or not, Tyra is about to add Professor at Stanford University to her already unreal resume and her number one focus will be helping her students learn the 101s of personal branding. But Tyra’s main piece of advice to her lucky students is to aim to build a “simmer brand” rather than a company that just wants to be buzzy. According to Tyra, success comes to brands who are consistent and forgo the peaks and valleys of being super trendy. Don’t get obsessed with being the hottest brand — just focus on the simmer, ladies.

4. Follow Your Fire: “Follow what makes you happy and gets you excited in the morning. Then try to bring a little of that happiness into your life, ” Tyra noted. Simply put — you do you. “We might not be able to bring that joy into our work every day — but you have to make it a priority for the week,” said Banks. If following your fire means pivoting careers, then start your change with a side hustle. If you are longing to work in a different field, Tyra advises that you do any and everything in that industry to grow from the bottom up.

5. Keep It Fierce: Regardless of where you are in your job, you have to embrace your inner diva and live life loudly. This includes, but is not limited to, strutting your stuff like a pro. If you wanna walk a mile in Tyra’s shoes, all you have to do is memorize these moves — walk with your legs crossing one directly in front of the other, swing your arms naturally, swing your hips roughly 25% more than you usually do and, of course, don’t forget to smize!

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